Skibidi Toilet 65: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

The latest episode of the Skibidi Toilet series has left every viewer speechless due to its unexpected turns of events. If you have yet to watch this amazing episode, we highly suggest you do it now before coming back and delve deeper into the subtle clues that you may have missed!

An Unexpected Turn of Events

The episode begins with two Normal Cameramen being impaled by the Jetpack Nailgunner Police Skibidi Toilet. At first, it seems like the POV-Cameraman would eventually become its next target, but surprisingly, it just looks at the Cameraman with a creepy smile and then leaves the battlefield. One may think that the Skibidi Toilet decides to spare the POV-Cameramen since it runs out of ammo, but upon closer inspection, it still has a javelin or two left!

The same question can be asked with the Strider Skibidi Toilet nearby, who has been eyeing the POV-Cameraman before the episode even starts. One possible explanation is due to the intervention of the Scientist Skibidi Toilet, who knows the POV-Cameraman’s ability to broadcast what he sees to his allies, as seen in Episode 60. Either it wants to lure the Titans to this place through the POV-Cameraman, or to show the Alliance how the battle will unfold.

An Epic Boss Battle Full of Surprises

Upon further inspection, this place looks nearly identical to the base of the Skibidi Toilet shown in Episode 60. Once the Titans arrive, the Skibidi Toilets, including the Scientist Skibidi Toilet, simply make an escape and leave the surprised and betrayed G-Man Skibidi Toilet behind. Even though it knows that it stands no chance against the combined force of two Titans, the G-Man Skibidi Toilet decides to stay and face its nemeses. There are two takeaways from its course of action:

  • The reason why the G-Man Skibidi Toilet chooses to stay is due to the fact that it no longer has a place to go. Its leadership and influence over the Skibidi Toilets have been questioned since Episode 60, and the Alliance will do everything in their power to bring it down. To keep its pride, there is no choice left but to stay back for the unwinnable fight.
  • However, in retrospect, its surprised and bitter expression when the Skibidi Toilets leave it behind may be just a facade. Or, the G-Man Skibidi Toilet is genuinely surprised since it couldn’t imagine that its comrades would go just like that.

And so, the battle finally begins. The G-Man Skibidi Toilet takes the initiative by firing multiple lasers, even with its eyes. This is surprising, considering that the attack from the Titan TV Man has rendered its laser eyes unusable since Episode 47. In retaliation, the Titans begin a display of flawless teamwork. The Titan Cameraman knocks off the enemy’s headphones, and the Titan Speakerman blasts its ears with powerful soundwaves. Strangely enough, this attack has almost no negative effect on the Skibidi Toilet. The fight continues, with the Titan Cameraman unleashing multiple punches on its head. Viewers with sharp eyes may notice that there are spikes on the knuckles of the Titan Cameraman.

The battle finally comes to an end with the Titan Cameraman burning the enemy’s head with the reactor core, but another head comes out from the melted head of the G-Man Skibidi Toilet! In addition, this head wears earbuds, which explains why the soundblast attack from the Titan Speakerman had no effect on it back then.

Is the G-Man Skibidi Toilet a Decoy…or Something More Than That?

At first glance, the “G-Man Skibidi Toilet” has been a decoy all along. While this may be true, there are a few points still left unanswered. If this Skibidi Toilet is really a decoy, how can its strength and durability be on par with the real G-Man Skibidi Toilet? This Skibidi Toilet is capable of sustaining multiple attacks from both Titans while still being able to retaliate. If the technology of the Scientist Skibidi Toilet has reached this extent, will there be multiple decoys like this in the future? If this is true, there is not much prospect for The Alliance in future battles.

In addition, there are more proofs to help establish the decoy theory:

  • It is possible that the decoy G-Man Skibidi Toilet has appeared as soon as Episode 60 onwards. When comparing the Skibidi Toilet’s front pair of guns between Episodes 57 and 60, it can be seen that the guns from Episode 57 are more detailed. Meanwhile, the guns are identical in Episodes 60 and Episodes 65. To explain this, the real G-Man Skibidi Toilet may have been undergoing repairs and upgrades all along since its fight with the Titan TV Man. The current G-Man Skibidi Toilet is nothing but a decoy made by the Scientist Skibidi Toilet. If this theory is true, even the “internal conflict” scene in Episode 60 is just an elaborate trap made to trick the Alliance members.
  • Another proof is the fact that the “G-Man Skibidi Toilet” is able to unleash laser attacks, despite the fact that its eyes have been severely damaged since Episode 47. In addition, when its eyes are stabbed, instead of bleeding like other Skibidi Toilets, there are blue electric sparks coming out of them.
  • The G-Man Skibidi Toilet barely flinches when the Titan Speakerman pulls its flush handle. This is very unnatural in comparison to Episode 22, when it was almost flushed by two Large Cameramen; its head started spinning rapidly at the beginning.
  • The last proof is the protruding head of what seems to be a Giant Skibidi Toilet.

However, one possible scenario is that there is no decoy G-Man Skibidi Toilet; in fact, the Titans have accidently discovered the secret behind the fearsome leader of the Skibidi Toilet. G-Man Skibidi may have been a creation of the Scientist Skibidi Toilet all along, and it is used to attract all attention while the latter works on upgrading the army. Fed up with the G-Man Skibidi Toilet abusing power, Scientist Skibidi Toilet decides to trick it into a solo battle against the Titans, destroying it for good.

Easter Eggs in Skibidi Toilet 65

  • Towards the end of the episode, the Secret Agent can be seen sitting inside a red car. He has appeared in every episode since Skibidi Toilet 55.
  • The way the Titan Speakerman stabs the eyes of the G-Man Skibidi Toilet with a pair of daggers is a call-back to Episode 47, when he damages the screen of the Titan TV Man with the exact same pose.

What Can Possibly Happen in Skibidi Toilet 66?

Episode 65 and Season 21 as a whole end on a rather sombre note, with the heavily injured Titan Cameraman unable to keep his thumbs up. His thumbs down can also serve as a premonition for the next phase of the war. With one pivotal member unable to fight for a while and the other with an uncertain recovery, The Alliance will be hard-pressed against the ever-growing army of Skibidi Toilets. However, all hope is not yet lost since the Titan TV Man may come back to the battlefield soon with upgraded weapons and armor. Meanwhile, the combined might of the most elite members of each faction will keep the enemies at bay. Expect to meet the Black Camerawoman, TV Woman, Speakerwoman, and the newly-upgraded Plungerman anytime soon!

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