Titan Cameraman

Titan Cameraman is the largest and strongest variant of the Cameraman faction. He is engineered by the scientists from The Alliance to combat the Skibidi Toilet army. 

Basic Information

Titan Cameraman is the first titan to be created by The Alliance based on the best features of both the Cameramen and Speakermen in order to turn the tides in the battle against the Skibidi Toilets. As the series progresses, Titan Cameraman receives additional enhancements to make him even stronger.

In Episode 20, Titan Cameraman is seen holding a shield to deflect the laser beam from G-Man Skibidi Toilet. However, he had to retreat back to the laboratory when his shield and core were damaged by the attacks of Giant Rocket Skibidi Toilet and G-Man. As seen in Episode 50, the Upgraded Titan Cameraman is now officially complete and possesses substantially greater power than before.


As the Titan variation, the Titan Cameraman boasts extremely high damage output and defense with his incredible strength and strong build. He can flatten the Large Skibidi Toilets, launch a Giant Skibidi Toilet into a building, and crush the Spider Skibidi Toilet with one hand. The Titan Cameraman specializes in hand-to-hand combat and can shoot devastating attacks with his core in front of his chest. In addition, Episode 23 shows that he can launch explosive blue orbs from his fingertips. While Titan Cameraman’s moving speed is not high due to his massive size, he has great mobility thanks to the jetpacks mounted on his back.



- Hand-to-hand combat

- Radiating core blast


High; Very High when utilizing core blast




Average; Fast when utilizing its jetpack


230 ft


- Alive

- Upgraded



Upgraded Version

Ever since his withdrawal in Episode 23, the Upgraded Titan Camerama made a grand return in Episode 50 with an even stronger build and better technologies. He flew into the front line during a surprise attack on the Hidden Laboratory. In this battle, he is shown to attack with a blaster rifle attached to one hand, which can quickly switch between melee attacks and more intense beams from his reactor core, while holding a large hammer on the other hand. His body is completely invulnerable to fire attacks and has spikes on his neck to prevent parasites from the Skibidi Toilets.

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