Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 2: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

Continuing from the battle in the first part, Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 2 further details the intense war between the Titans and their archnemesis—the Scientist Skibidi Toilet! Continue reading to find out more about how the battle unfolds and the detailed analysis of the characters!

The Intense Fight Between the Two Forces

The episode begins with the very last part of the previous episode, during which the Scientist Skibidi Toilet enters the scene, giving its signature maniacal grin towards the Titan Cameraman and Titan Speakerman. Seeing that, the Titan Cameraman responds with a gesture, telling it that he is going to take it down himself. On the other hand, the Titan Speakerman is not so patient, as he immediately shoots the Scientist Skibidi Toilet in the face with his laser gun. However, this attack does nothing but annoy the Skibidi Toilet, and it returns fire to the Titan Speakerman instantly, staggering him in the background.

The perfect coordination between the Titans shines even further as the Titan Cameraman takes advantage of the Skibidi Toilet’s distraction and lunges towards it with his buzzsaw arm, which was previously repurposed from a Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet in the last episode. Unfortunately, it becomes more and more apparent that the Scientist Skibidi Toilet is no longer the brainy weakling that never participated in head-on showdowns, as it is more than capable of blocking his attacks with its claw-like hand. With its speakers, the Skibidi Toilet manages to knock back the Titan Cameraman. The Titan Speakerman tries to intercept and later destroys the laser gun mounted on its ear with his knife. Strangely enough, in the past episodes, the Titan Speakerman was able to stab the most vulnerable parts of the enemies, such as the Decoy G-Man Skibidi Toilet’s eyes—so why does he decide to attack the weapon of the Skibidi Toilet instead of its eyes? There is no explanation other than a moment of wrong judgment from the Titan Speakerman. Keep in mind that both Titans have been severely injured from the last battle against the Decoy G-Man Skibidi Toilet, and they have yet to have any breaks or upgrades.

The Highly-Upgraded Scientist Skibidi Toilet

Since this is the first time the Titans have ever had a direct confrontation against the Scientist Skibidi Toilet, there is no chance for them to gauge the power of the enemy. However, from past encounters with the Skibidi Toilet, it is a well-known fact that the darker the color of the Skibidi Toilet’s body parts, the stronger and more durable they are. As such, with the jet black metallic toilet, the Scientist Skibidi Toilet is easily one of the strongest enemies The Alliance has ever faced.

Returning to the fight, once the Scientist Skibidi Toilet throws off the Titan Speakerman, a new weapon emerges from its back: an acid missile gun, which hits his gun and damages it severely. With nothing left to perform a ranged attack, the Titan Speakerman resorts to his final weapon. Using his core, he is able to destroy the acid gun, splash the highly corrosive acid on the Skibidi Toilet, and burn its face. This powerful attack also comes with a cost, making his core exposed and vulnerable to all sorts of damage. With one attack straight to the core from the Scientist Skibidi Toilet, the Titan is rendered unconscious until the episode unfolds. The Titan Cameraman quickly saws off the cannon, preventing his ally from sustaining further damage.

With the Titan Speakerman out of the picture, the battle continues between the Titan Cameraman and Scientist Skibidi Toilet, with the latter eventually gaining an advantage. Before the Skibidi Toilet can shoot down the Titan with another acid missile gun, the Plugerman makes his timely appearance and knocks the gun off. He then proceeds to ram into its speaker, to no avail—which is a mistake since the only vulnerable part of the Scientist Skibidi Toilet is its exposed head. In retaliation, the Skibidi Toilet utilizes a powerful sound blast to immobilize the Plungerman and then takes him down with a single shot. The Titan Cameraman finally realizes the weakness of his enemy and spares no second to attack its head with the buzzsaw.

The Upgraded G-Man Skibidi Toilet Comes to the Rescue

When it seems like luck finally favors the Titan Cameraman, the G-Man Skibidi Toilet makes its appearance after a long period of absence and attacks him from behind with its lasers. With this, the theory of the Decoy G-Man Skibidi Toilet is finally confirmed, and from a glance, it is apparent that the Skibidi Toilet has been undergoing heavy upgrades all this time. The G-Man Skibidi Toilet has a jet black metallic toilet—similar to that of the Scientist Skibidi Toilet. It is equipped with eight powerful lasers in total, along with a core that resembles a Titan’s. With each upgrade, the G-Man Skibidi Toilet becomes more and more similar to a Titan, be it strength or technology.

After being shot by the G-Man Skibidi Toilet, the Titan Cameraman staggers for a while, giving the Skibidi Toilets plenty of opportunities to take him down. However, the turns of events after this have left many speechless.

  • Using its mechanical tongue, the Scientist Skibidi Toilet takes away the Titan’s lens and then shows its ultimate weapon: a TV monitor hidden behind the speakers.
  • The monitor is capable of projecting psychological waves just like the TV Men’s. While the POV-Cameraman manages to wear the protective lens just in time, the Titan Cameraman is not so lucky since his lens has already been removed beforehand.
  • To everyone’s horror, he saws his own head off while under the influence of the psychological waves, ending the episode.

Easter Eggs in Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 2

  • The episode begins with the Titan Cameraman gesturing to the Scientist Skibidi Toilet that he will cut its head off. Towards the conclusion of the episode, the Titan Cameraman ends up being the one whose head is cut off instead.
  • The TV monitor of the Scientist Skibidi Toilet is slimmer compared to the TV Men’s counterpart. In addition, the word “SKIBIDI” can be seen on the TV as a logo.

What Can Possibly Happen in Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 3?

Since the episode ends abruptly, it is highly likely that the last part of Skibidi Toilet 67 will be available to viewers soon. With the screen fading to black before the Titan Cameraman cuts off his head completely, there is a slim chance that he will survive in the next episode. With the fates of the Titan Speakerman and the Plungerman still unknown, there are many questions left unanswered. Will the TV Man arrive in time to aid his fallen allies?

Additionally, continuing from Part 1 of Skibidi Toilet 67, the Skibidi Toilets have been trying to defend this place, which is presumed to be the Secret Base behind the mountains. What could be hidden inside this place? Will The Alliance be able to uncover the truth and gain immense advantage over the Skibidi Toilets? In time, all questions will be answered in the next episodes!

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