Skibidi Toilet 66: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

Skibidi Toilet 66 is the longest episode of the series up to date, and it is full of surprises! Our in-depth analysis will help you make sense of it all, beginning with breaking down the episode's biggest moments and revealing hidden Easter eggs that you may have missed!

The Ongoing Battle Against the Skibidi Toilets

The episode begins in the middle of the intense battle between The Alliance and the Skibidi Toilet. It is no easy task for The Alliance to hold their ground since this place is one of the bases of the Skibidi Toilets, based on these observations:

  • Strange tunnel-like structures with giant metallic toilet statues can be seen to the right of the POV-Cameraman.
  • There are cacti, warehouses, and plane wrecks nearby in the middle of the desert.
  • Toward the end of the episode, when the POV-Cameraman needs to run inside a warehouse nearby to be teleported away, there are white ceramic toilets at the back of the warehouse.

During the next scene, the POV-Cameraman and a Normal Cameraman can be seen hiding behind a damaged car as they try to shoot down the incoming Skibidi Toilets. Interestingly, each of them holds a completely different weapon, with the POV-Cameraman having the Toilet Paralyzer Laser (TPL) while the other has a gun with firepower. For the POV-Cameraman, whose main mission is to record the events of the battle instead of actively attacking the Skibidi Toilets, he will need a lighter weapon for better movement, like the TPL. While the POV-Cameraman and the Normal Cameraman are briefly looking at one another, a mysterious green light can be seen flashing in the background for a split second. Based on the past episodes, it is clear that the green flash is associated with the Secret Agent whenever he teleports somewhere else. As such, it is clear that the Secret Agent is standing somewhere on the battlefield, and he will make his appearance later on.

Moments later, the POV-Cameraman receives a notification on his tablet, and he pulls it out to see the picture of the G-Man Skibidi Toilet and the Scientist Skibidi Toilet being triumphant over the Titan Cameraman and Titan Speakerman. However, before this picture is displayed, the face of DaFuq!?Boom! can be seen on the tablet, along with a line of illegible text. Returning to the picture of the fallen Titans, it is highly likely that the picture may be a fake message, regardless of whether the G-Man Skibidi Toilet in the previous episode is the real one or just a decoy. We can see that the guns of the G-Man Skibidi Toilet in the picture look much more simple and rudimentary than the ones seen in Episode 57. It is highly unlikely that the G-Man Skibidi Toilet will receive a downgrade from the Scientist Skibidi Toilet.

Reunion of the Strongest Allies

Regardless of its authenticity, the picture manages to rouse the anger of all the Alliance members nearby. And thus, one of the most emotional scenes of the series begins. In a fit of rage, the Cameramen throw away their weapons and decide to face the Skibidi Toilet head-on with nothing but their bare hands—despite knowing that their strength is inferior in comparison to larger Skibidi Toilet variants. The POV-Cameraman dashes to the Jetpack Skibidi Toilet nearby and unleashes a barrage of punches on its head. He then gets handed a knife to finish it off by a mysterious person, who turns out to be the Secret Agent.

Other recurring Alliance members assist the POV-Cameraman as he moves forward. The pair of Black Speakerman and Speakerwoman stop the Dual Launcher Buzzsaw Camo Toilet by stabbing its giant head repeatedly. A Duplex Airstrike Skibidi Toilet is shot down by the Black Camerawoman as she gives the POV-Cameraman a thumbs up. The TV Woman hijacks a Tri-Artillerist Skibidi Toilet and rams it into a Strider Skibidi Toilet nearby, destroying both of them. All three powerful female members of The Alliance meet up shortly after, along with the POV-Cameraman, who helps a Normal Speakerman get up. That’s not all—the Plungerman appears and takes down the Dual Laser Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet. While the Black Camerawoman and Speakerwoman applaud his action, the TV Woman shows her disapproval, thinking that the Plungerman is trying to show off and should have destroyed it completely from the start.

Arrival at the TV Base

Unfortunately, the reunion is cut short when another group of Skibidi Toilets emerge from the smoke, led by none other than the Scientist Skibidi Toilet itself. As such, the only course of action for the Alliance members is to retreat from this place. Luckily, the TV Men arrive just in time to help their allies teleport out of this place.

  • The TV Man tells the Plungerman to get away from this place (possibly saying “get out, idiot”), then disappears alongside the Black Speakerman.
  • The TV Woman holds the Black Speakerwoman and Camerawoman and teleports.
  • The POV-Cameraman has to run towards the warehouse, where a Large TV Man is waiting for him along with a container full of Cameramen and Speakermen. A Large TV Man can be seen running behind, but he is eliminated by the Buzzsaw Mutant Skibidi Toilet before he can reach the container.

Afterwards, the Large TV Man takes the whole container with him to the base of the TV Men. Upon his arrival, the POV-Cameraman sees other Alliance members who have arrived shortly before him. He is then greeted by a Scientist TV Man, who informs him that this location must remain a secret. The episode concludes with a familiar sight in the background, foreshadowing the long-awaited return of the Titan TV Man.

Changes Between the Shorts and the Full-screen Versions

  • In the Shorts version, the billboard in front of the warehouse can be seen more clearly with the word “REAL THREAT”. This is widely believed to be a warning from the Secret Agent to The Alliance, since something similar happened in Episode 64. In this episode, the word “TRAP” was displayed on one of the billboards, which turned out to be true in the following episode, when the Titans walked into the elaborate trap set by the Scientist Skibidi Toilet.
  • The picture of DaFuq!?Boom! on the tablet is removed.
  • The Scientist TV Man emotes with “;)” on his screen.

Easter Eggs in Skibidi Toilet 66

  • At the beginning of the episode, a Normal Speakerman riding the Toilet Car can be seen in the background, which is a throwback to Episode 25.
  • The Secret Agent appears near the POV-Cameraman when he gives him a knife to finish off the Jetpack Skibidi Toilet.
  • In Episode 24, the Normal Speakerman, who helped the POV-Cameraman get up, wore a gray suit and a black dotted tie. In this episode, the POV-Cameraman helps the exact Normal Speakerman in the same manner.
  • The handshake between the Plungerman and the Black Speakerman is a callback to the same handshake between their Titans in Episode 59.

What Can Possibly Happen in Skibidi Toilet 67?

With the Alliance members taking temporary refuge in the TV Base, the reappearance of the TV Man will certainly happen in the near future. This time, he will have even more enhancements, hopefully strong enough to withstand both the G-Man Skibidi Toilet and the Scientist Skibidi Toilet. However, the ominous text “REAL THREAT” on the billboard suggests the introduction of an enemy that is even stronger than any known Skibidi Toilets. Brace yourself, for the finale of the war is about to begin!

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