Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 3: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 3 picks up the pace from the last episode, which ends with the Titan Cameraman being under the influence of the Scientist Skibidi Toilet. How will the Titans turn the tides of the battle, and will the Titan TV Man finally make his long-awaited entrance? Get ready for a series of epic developments in this episode!

G-Man and Scientist Skibidi Toilets Dominate the Battlefield

The first few seconds of the episode continue from where Part 3 of Skibidi Toilet 67 left off. As the Scientist Skibidi Toilet takes out the ultimate weapon, the TV screen with power similar to that of the TV Men’s, it manages to take control of the vulnerable Titan Cameraman. Due to the influence of the red psychological light, he tries to sever his head with the saw blade arm. Fortunately, before he can cut off his head completely, the Titan Speakerman musters all the strength to intercept the Titan Cameraman. With his knife, the Titan tries to take down the saw blade arm so the Titan Cameraman can stop attacking himself. The Titan Speakerman can only do this thanks to the psychological light attack having no effect on the Speakermen. As seen in Episode 61, the Speakerwoman even mocked the Geeky Jesus Skibidi Toilet’s attempt to blind her with the bright light.

Thanks to the Titan Speakerman’s last-minute interception, the Titan Cameraman is stopped, but only for a moment, since he proceeds to punch his head with the other hand. However, since this attack does not have much effect on him, the Titan Speakerman decides to concentrate on the source: the TV screen of the Scientist Skibidi Toilet. He then attaches a dagger to his head and plans to use the soundwave to launch the knife onto the TV screen. Viewers may wonder why he hasn’t tried this from the start, but from the Titan Speakerman’s perspective, it is very apparent that he has sustained various injuries, making it quite difficult to aim from far away. In addition, he’s not sure whether he can pierce through the TV screen and needs to ensure that the Titan Cameraman stays alive, so he chooses the best option: to stop the Titan Cameraman first.

While the G-Man Skibidi Toilet has been watching from the sidelines all this time, it springs into action as soon as it figures out what the Titan Speakerman is about to do. It shoots multiple lasers into the then-injured Titan, blasting off one of his side speakers. At the same time, the Scientist Skibidi Toilet changes the TV light color to purple, making the Titan Cameraman stop attacking himself and lunge himself at the Titan Speakerman instead. With no way to defend himself, the Titan Speakerman soon finds himself plummeted to the ground by his ally. Seeing this, the POV-Cameraman tries to launch his two bazookas into the screen, even if it means that he will be destroyed soon. Unfortunately, the attack doesn’t even leave a scratch on the Scientist Skibidi Toilet’s screen. The Skibidi Toilet grinned smugly at him, but a mysterious dagger then shattered its screen, and along comes the long-awaited hero of The Alliance...

The Titan TV Man’s Grand Entrance

The moment the Titan Cameraman falls down after being released from the TV screen’s influence, the iconic black smoke can be seen nearby, indicating the Titan TV Man’s teleportation. When the video is played in reverse, he says to the Scientist Skibidi Toilet, “your life ends now”. As soon as the G-Man Skibidi Toilet sees the black smoke, it shows fear on its face and decides to retreat right away, leaving the Scientist Skibidi Toilet behind. The Scientist Skibidi Toilet has also tried to teleport, as the black smoke can be seen below its body, but it fails to do so, and so it has no choice but to fight back.

Once the Titan TV Man is fully visible, it is apparent that he has gone through intensive upgrades since his last defeat in Episode 47.

  • His body has been strengthened considerably, as the missiles launched by the Scientist Skibidi Toilet have no effect on him.
  • He has a powerful purple sword imbued with electricity. When he slashes the Scientist Skibidi Toilet too close to the POV-Cameraman, the latter’s camera glitches considerably due to the magnetic phenomenon.
  • There are multiple screens attached to his body, intensifying the psychological beam attacks.
  • He is now capable of igniting the enemies with his red light attack.
  • The purple core can concentrate energy to release a highly powerful beam attack.

After attacking the Scientist Skibidi Toilet with the purple sword, the Titan TV Man speaks in reversal, “still alive?”, and proceeds to stab its head and burn its face with the core beam. However, when this happens, the Scientist Skibidi Toilet’s head has electricity leaking out, showing that it is a robot. The episode concludes with the Titan TV Man showing the “:3” icon on all of his screens.

Easter Eggs in Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 3

  • This is the first episode to feature all the Titans from The Alliance. In addition, they also face the two most prominent antagonists: the G-Man and Scientist Skibidi Toilets.
  • The blade of the Titan TV Man is based on the Energon Blade used by Optimus Prime from the Transformers series. The color of the original blade is yellow, while the Titan TV Man’s blade is purple.

What Can Possibly Happen in Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 4?

At first, people speculated that Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 3 was the last part of the episode, but the next episode will be Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 4. This is further confirmed by the fact that DaFuq!?Boom! has yet to release the full version of the episode after more than three days. In addition, he has already confirmed to Elite Cameraman, a Youtuber specializing in analyzing the lore behind the series, that Skibidi Toilet 67 will have the fourth part. As such, this episode is about to become the longest in the Skibidi Toilet series.

Since the climax of the battle has already passed, the next episode will most likely cover the fate of Plungerman and the two Titans with the help of Titan TV Man. Additionally, a closer look at the laser gun mounted on its ear shows the number “2”, opening up the possibility of it being one of the robots created by the real Scientist Skibidi Toilet. It may have never left the laboratory, and in the future, more Scientist Skibidi Toilets may appear. Furthermore, the Secret Base of the Skibidi Toilets has yet to be uncovered, which can become a potential point of interest in the next episode!

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