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Only Up! Forward

Only Up! Forward

Adventure with endless high-altitude exploration and unbelievable experiences with Only Up! Forward. Players will control a character to explore the city and find stairs of unlimited length. Your task is to guide the character to jump onto those terrains as high as possible.

With the nature of the game not dying, your playing rounds will also be infinite. The main character can fall off the ladder due to incorrect controls, but the game will not be over. You continue your conquest of the peak at the point where the object falls.

How To Play

Jumping to the stunning height

Players need to use both the mouse and keyboard to navigate the main object in Only Up! Forward.

  • Use the mouse to look around.
  • Use the arrow keys to maneuver the object in the corresponding direction.

Note that the character's jump is not too high or long, so you need to be careful of the large spaces between the stairs.

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