Season 21

The era of victory finally comes to The Alliance with Season 21! The Titan Cameraman and Titan Cameraman finally Episode 60 begin a brand new season, and it seems like The Alliance has finally gained ground with the Titan Speakerman back on its side! However, the Skibidi Toilets also get stronger day by day. How will the battle turn out in Season 21?

Season 21


63, 64, 65


September 23rd, 2023

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skibidi toilet 63: Glitch Plunger

The episode begins with the POV-Cameraman utilizing the cannon to destroy the Skibidi Toilets. He manages to fire down two Grey Claw Normal Skibidi Toilets and a Strider Skibidi Toilet, but is later injured by the Duplex Airstrike Skibidi Toilet's missile attack. The force of this attack stuns him and knocks him to the ground. The Jetpack Claw Skibidi Toilet takes down a Normal Cameraman, then shifts its focus to the POV-Cameraman. Fortunately, it is stopped by a Normal Cameraman's Toilet Paralyzer Laser close by.

The Black Speakerman, wielding dual blades, is accompanying the Normal Cameraman. The Black Speakerman uses his jetpack to quickly approach the Jetpack Claw Skibidi Toilet, then stabs it in the head to eliminate it. As he stands up, the POV-Cameraman notices a Cameraman Car leaving, only for the Large Mutant Skibidi Toilet to obliterate it. The Skibidi Toilet comes with two Duplex Airstrike Skibidi Toilets. To the dismay of the Large Mutant Skibidi Toilet, both Duplex Airstrike Skibidi Toilets are, however, destroyed one by one before they can launch an attack. Then it's attacked by plungers and something moving at a rapid pace, which turns out to be the Black Cameraman, whose body looks to be linked to the base of the Glitch Skibidi Toilet. He assaults the Skibidi Toilet one last time before returning to the ground.

Believing that a part of his body is attached to the toilet, a Normal Cameraman laughs at him. He comes to a halt, however, when the Black Cameraman fires a plunger directly into his face. The Black Cameraman emerges from the toilet, revealing that his entire body has been repaired. He then gives the POV-Cameraman a thumbs up while giving the laughing Cameraman the middle finger.

The Large Mutant Skibidi Toilet suddenly stands up, suggesting that it has not yet been destroyed. However, a severely injured Large Speakerman approaches it and destroys the Skibidi Toilet. A distant explosion may be heard, and the POV-Cameraman looks up to see the Plane Bomber Skibidi Toilet flying overhead. However, it is quickly shot down by the Titan Cameraman, who is flying by with the Titan Speakerman.

skibidi toilet 64: Executioner

The POV-Cameraman monitors the event as normal, only to find a pretty hectic scene: both The Alliance members and the Medium Glass Skibidi Toilets are fleeing something, which turns out to be the Buzzsaw Executioner Skibidi Urinal. One can momentarily observe the G-Man Skibidi Toilet standing behind the Skibidi Toilet. With its enormous size and powerful suction, the Buzzsaw Executioner Skibidi Urinal effortlessly reduces everything in its path to rubble.

The Titan Cameraman and Titan Speakerman shortly show up, destroying the Buzzsaw Executioner Skibidi Urinal. When the POV-Cameraman gazes to the left, the Missile Overload Skibidi Toilet appears. Before retreating from the battlefield, the G-Man Skibidi Toilet is observed smirking at the Titans. The Missile Overload Skibidi Toilet then fires rockets containing acid at the Titans in an attempt to destroy their firearms. The Titan Cameraman deflects the attack with his energy shield, while the Titan Speakerman approaches the Skibidi Toilet from behind to pull the toilet handle. The Missile Overload Skibidi Toilet, to their shock, leaves behind a time bomb, forcing the Titan Cameraman to grab it and detonate it in a safe location.

Immediately thereafter, a group of Duplex Airstrike Skibidi Toilets approach, but flee upon seeing the Titans. Using his finger cannon, the Titan Cameraman effortlessly destroys them. The POV-Cameraman gives him a thumbs up, to which he responds with the same gesture. The Titan Speakerman, however, conveys to the Titan Cameraman that their task is not yet complete, and they depart immediately to pursue the G-Man Skibidi Toilet.

skibidi toilet 65: Fake G-Man

In the background, police sirens can be heard at the start of the episode. One of the Normal Cameramen is impaled by the Jetpack Nailgunner Police Skibidi Toilet. When the POV-Cameraman is about to be attacked by the Skibidi Toilet, it pauses and flees the area. As he gazes into the distance, he notices that countless Skibidi Toilets of various types, including the Scientist Skibidi Toilet, have come together for something. The G-Man Skibidi Toilet arrives mere moments ahead of the Titan Cameraman and Titan Speakerman.

The Skibidi Toilets appear to be about to band together and fight the Titans, but they all withdraw, leaving the enraged and betrayed G-Man Skibidi Toilet behind. An intense battle between the Skibidi Toilet and the Titans ensues. The Titan Cameraman's railgun assaults prevent the G-Man Skibidi Toilet from engaging the Titan Speakerman. The two engage in a close-range battle while the Titan Speakerman attempts to flush the toilet, but to his surprise, nothing occurs.

Together, the Titans unleash powerful assaults on the enemy, resulting in its defeat. Upon closer inspection, the "G-Man Skibidi Toilet" is revealed to be a decoy controlled by a Giant Skibidi Toilet. Immediately after, some loud sounds can be heard coming from the sky. The POV-Cameraman witnesses a group of Skibidi Toilets diving directly at the Titan while armed with tons of explosives. The Titan Speakerman swiftly retreats, leaving the Titan Cameraman to defend himself with an energy shield. The impact of the explosion temporarily blinds the POV-Cameraman before he regains consciousness and looks at the nearby injured Titan Speakerman. The heavily damaged Titan Cameraman stands up from a distance and gives the POV-Cameraman a thumbs-up before changing to a thumbs-down.


The first episode of the season shows the overwhelming strength of The Alliance along with the return of the Black Cameraman, who was seriously damaged in the battle to save the Infected Titan Speakerman. This time, both Titans are determined to take down the G-Man Skibidi Toilet. Their pursuit of the Skibidi Toilet has led them through a series of battles against other enemies. Unfortunately, at the end of Episode 65, the “G-Man Skibidi Toilet” they have triumphed over is just a decoy and set as a trap for the Titans. While the Titan Speakerman is able to escape with minimal injury, the Titan Cameraman has been horribly damaged. It is highly likely that in the next season, the Skibidi Toilets will launch a counterattack against The Alliance.


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