Season 20

Episode 60 begins a brand new season, and it seems like The Alliance has finally gained ground with the Titan Speakerman back on its side! However, the Skibidi Toilets also get stronger day by day. How will the battle turn out in Season 20?

Season 20


60, 61, 62


September 3rd, 2023

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skibidi toilet 60: Skibidi Rebellion

At the beginning of the episode, the POV-Cameraman and another Normal Cameraman observe the conversation between the Skibidi Toilets from a high vantage point in secret. The G-Man Skibidi Toilet is conversing with the Assailant Astro Toilet, who is not pleased with the loss of the Infected Titan Speakerman and The Alliance's advantage. The G-Man Skibidi Toilet, cornered and furious, prepares to shoot the Assailant Astro Toilet, but the Detainer Astro Toilet arrives just in time and grabs the G-Man Skibidi Toilet's head from behind. It appears that the duo from Astro Toilet are about to eradicate their superior.

However, the Upgraded Scientist Skibidi Toilet intervenes, destroying one of the Detainer Astro Toilet's claws. Both Astro Toilets realize they have no chance against this Skibidi Toilet and decide to retreat. The Scientist Skibidi Toilet abruptly rotates its head toward the POV-Cameraman and is about to launch a laser attack against him and the other Normal Cameraman. Before they are attacked, both Cameramen give each other a thumbs-up.

The screen becomes static, and it becomes apparent that the viewpoint is from a different POV-Cameraman who has been observing the events unfolding on the screen of a Large TV Man. As he turns to gaze behind him, the Titan Cameraman and Titan Speakerman, as well as other members of The Alliance, are also observing. The Titan Cameraman signals his readiness to charge into combat with a hand gesture.

skibidi toilet 61: Speakerwoman

At the start of the episode, a Normal Cameraman is seen fleeing from something while missing a portion of his arm. Another tries to flee the enemy, which turns out to be a Dual Buzzsaw Car Skibidi Toilet, but the Skibidi Toilet catches up with him and gets rid of him. The POV-Cameraman then turns his head to the right and sees three Normal Cameramen armed with Toilet Paralyzer Lasers (TPL). They swiftly immobilize the Dual Buzzsaw Car Skibidi Toilet, causing it to crash into something nearby and explode. The Geeky Jesus Skibidi Toilet arrives out of nowhere and blinds the Cameramen with its two headlights. The POV-Cameraman, dazed and out of focus, can only watch his comrades being hit by enemy rockets.

Just as the POV-Cameraman is about to be disposed of, the Geeky Jesus Skibidi Toilet becomes preoccupied with someone off-screen. This person is shown to be the Black Speakerwoman, who is dancing to the music like nothing bad is happening. The Skibidi Toilet tries again to deploy its headlight, but it has no effect on the Speakerwoman, who acts surprised and claps instead. Feeling offended, the Geeky Jesus Skibidi Toilet fires a rocket at her, only to be met with the Speakerwoman's sound explosion in return. She then straps two blades to the sides of her speaker and launches them at the Skibidi Toilet. The knives pierce its eyes, causing it to howl in anguish. The Black Speakerwoman then jumps on top of the Geeky Jesus Skibidi Toilet, kicks the flush handle cover, and pulls it. The Skibidi Toilet explodes as it falls to the ground.

The Black Speakerwoman leaps from the Skibidi Toilet and stands directly before the POV-Cameraman. She assists him in getting up and joins the Speakermen, who are merrily dancing in the background. The POV-Cameraman gives the Black Speakerwoman a thumbs up at the conclusion of the episode.

skibidi toilet 62: More Skibidi Men

At the start of the episode, the POV-Cameraman can see two Medic Cameramen assisting a Normal Cameraman who has been gravely injured. Fortunately, the Cameraman stands up after a few seconds, and the two Medic Cameramen give him the thumbs up. Meanwhile, it appears that two Large Cameramen and a Large Speakerman are playing fetch with a Glass Skibidi Toilet instead of a ball. As the Skibidi Toilet is caught by the Large Speakerman, he launches it into a wall with his sound blast, causing it to explode, much to the dismay of the Large Cameraman. The Speakerman responds with a simple shrug.

This tranquil scene is interrupted by an explosion in the background, from which the Skibidi Toilets emerge. In the distance, a Normal Cameraman is seen fleeing the Glass Skibidi Toilets, while the Headphones Helicopter Missile Launcher Skibidi Toilets soar above them. Soon, the Upgraded Scientist Skibidi Toilet appears with Cinemaman speakers affixed to its chest. It is able to knock Alliance members to the ground with this speaker's exceptionally powerful sound waves.

Before losing consciousness, the POV-Cameraman is able to grab a pair of headphones left by the Secret Agent and place them on. As he glances up, the enemies have taken over this place. The G-Man Skibidi Toilet soars overhead and unleashes its laser attacks, followed by the arrival of a swarm of new Skibidi Toilets. While approaching the POV-Cameraman, a Large Mutant Skibidi Toilet is seen tearing apart the Large Cameraman. However, the Buzzsaw Mutant Skibidi Toilet seizes him and uses its buzzsaw to shred him.


It appears that the Scientist Skibidi Toilet has become unimaginably stronger after being absent from the screen. However, its new “experiments” have appeared in countless battles against The Alliance, including the enhancement of the G-Man Skibidi Toilet. On the other hand, The Alliance has never seen such tight-knit bonds between the three factions. The members will surely be able to stand up against any possible threat in the future!

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