Large TV Man

Large TV Man is a taller and stronger variation of the TV Man faction. He is first seen in Episode 40 of the Skibidi Toilet series.

Basic Information

The Large TV Man is a stronger and larger version of the Normal TV Man. He has a taller and more muscular frame, with four additional CRT TVs attached to his back. When not in use, it is possible to retract these four TVs. All TVs (including his head) are always in a state of static. He is also seen wearing a black suit.

The color of light emitted from the Large TV Man’s screen is white, while the Normal TV Men’s and Titan TV Man’s are purple-blue and red, respectively. He is also the only TV Man who has not displayed any expression on his screen.


With his strong build, it is believed that the Large TV Man is more durable than his normal counterpart. His psychological beam attack is also a lot more effective than the Normal TV Men’s. As seen in the series, Large TV Man’s light beam is able to induce panic and loss of control in the Skibidi Toilets. Smaller to medium-sized enemies can even be ignited with his beams. The flying variations of the Skibidi Toilets crash down upon being in contact with this light beam. In fact, Large TV Man’s attack is so strong that any Cameramen nearby are required to wear protective lenses to not be affected by its effects.

Large TV Man is not fond of close combat, so he will teleport before the Skibidi Toilets can reach him, as shown in Episode 43.



Extremely bright white light capable of attack




Unknown (maybe high)




Secondary Television Arms, teleport 23.09 ft


  • His capability involves the complete annihilation of Helicopter/Jetpack Skibidi Toilets, causing them to crash uncontrollably.
  • His appearance bears resemblance to a TV Man featured in DaFuq?!Boom!'s deleted video from 2021.
  • There exists a possibility that the Large TV Man can eradicate the Glitch Toilet using his intense, bright white beam.
  • Large TV Men, along with other TV Men, abstain from employing physical force (except for Titan TVMan) and tend to flee when threatened.
  • Interestingly, the Large TV Man remains the sole TV Man not to have revealed their expression so far.
  • Limited to appearances in only 2 episodes, the Large TV Man holds the distinction of being the least showcased among the TV Men, alongside TV Woman, who shares the same count.
  • Throughout their appearances, the Large TV Men have never been observed resorting to using their fists in combat or exhibiting any signs of injury.
  • Singularly, only one individual of this type has been showcased.
  • He stands as the inaugural TV Man to possess a discernible neck (with the second being the Normal TV Woman).
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