Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 1: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

As the series approaches the final battle between the Skibidi Toilets and The Alliance, Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 1 further shows the devastating sight of the war. Learn more about each and every detail of this episode, including the Easter eggs, with our in-depth analysis!

Delve Deeper into the Domain of the Skibidi Toilets

At the beginning of the episode, the area can be seen engulfed in flames, along with the broken pieces of toilets and Alliance members scattered around, signaling that the battle has been happening for a while. Three Cameramen sit together in a car as they drive past a road with nobody else but the Skibidi Toilets. Interestingly, since all high-ranking Alliance members are currently in the TV Base, the question is: why are the Cameramen in this place and who is giving them orders? One possible explanation is that the Alliance has been trying to locate the Titan Cameraman and Titan Speakerman by spreading their force and infiltrating every corner of the Skibidi Toilet base. To further cement the idea that this place is the base of the Skibidi Toilet, the strange, gigantic toilet statues similar to those in Episode 66 can be seen in the background as well. In fact, not only are the Cameramen able to find the Titans and follow their orders since then, but they also manage to find the most guarded place of the Skibidi Toilet: the Secret Base.

Wondering why the Alliance is trying to uncover the Secret Base of the Skibidi Toilet? The reason is because the G-Man Skibidi Toilet is most likely recuperating and being upgraded in the safest place it can be. As the Cameramen continue to advance, we can have a better view of the Secret Base:

  • There are three giant metallic toilet statues being carved into the sides of the mountain.
  • A large door can be seen in the center of the mountain.

If you think that this place seems familiar, avid viewers of the Skibidi Toilet series may recall a picture leak of Skibidi Toilet 67 from DaFuq!?Boom! that shows the exact same location, but without the smoke!

Returning to the group of three Cameramen, as they continue to move forward, two Gun Skibidi Toilets approach them and shoot them with a rain of bullets. Fortunately, these bullets seem to have no effect on the Cameramen, further showing their increased durability after undergoing upgrades. In addition, based on the observations, the POV-Cameraman of this episode turns out to be the Large Cameraman:

  • From his point of view, he is of the same height as the Large Cameraman sitting in front of him.
  • He wields two large bazookas and equips a jetpack for faster movement.

However, it is evident that the bodies of the Cameramen are still not strong enough against the attacks of more recent enemies. Once the Jetpack Nailgun Police Skibidi Toilet makes its appearance, it manages to shoot down the Cameraman driver and pierce through the shoulder of the Large Cameraman with its javelins. Afterwards, it soon explodes with the retaliation from the Cameramen.

Return of the Titans

Once the Jetpack Nailgun Police Skibidi Toilet goes down, another mysterious enemy appears from the pitch-black smoke. At first, a gigantic gun emerges and shoots the Large Cameraman with extremely corrosive acid, eliminating him immediately. Seeing that, the POV-Cameraman launches missiles straight at its face with no effect. The enemy turns out to be the Mafia Skibidi Toilet from Episode 28, having been upgraded with the latest weapons by the Scientist Skibidi Toilet. It is equipped with an acid gun, a sawblade hand, mechanical spider legs, and an upgraded jetpack.

Thankfully, before the POV-Cameraman meets his early demise, a pair of unexpected allies make their appearance. The Titan Cameraman shoots an energy orb to distract the Mafia Skibidi Toilet, while the Titan Speakerman attacks another Skibidi Toilet in the background. This scene also confirms that the picture sent by the Scientist Cameraman in the last episode is fake. However, before the Titan Cameraman can face the Mafia Skibidi Toilet, he is interrupted by a Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet. The Titan reacts by repurposing one of its buzzsaw arms as his own and destroying its head with his new “arm”. 

Seeing that the Titan Cameraman is distracted, the Mafia Skibidi Toilet makes use of this opportunity and targets the Titan Cameraman, taking down his shoulder-mounted camera and spraying acid on his back. The Titan retaliates by giving it a punch and shooting its acid barrel, turning its weapon against itself. The Titan Speakerman delivers the final slap, plummeting it to the ground for good.

Prelude to the Final Showdown

As soon as the Mafia Skibidi Toilet explodes off-screen, the Scientist Skibidi Toilet teleports to this place and leaves behind a trail of black mist. In comparison to its last appearance, the Skibidi Toilet looks extremely dangerous, with red eyes and a maniacal laugh. In response, the Titans are extremely angry, with the Titan Cameraman gesturing that he will take it down with his own hands.

Easter Eggs in Skibidi Toilet 67 Part 1

  • The Secret Agent appears twice in this episode. The familiar green flash iconic to his appearance can be seen at the beginning of the episode. He then reappears in the background as the Cameramen try to take down the Jetpack Nailgun Police Skibidi Toilet.
  • The Mafia Skibidi Toilet was introduced in Episode 28 and met its demise with a powerful slap from the Titan Speakerman—similar to what happens to it in this episode.

The Battle Continues in Part 2 of Skibidi Toilet 67

As the first part of Skibidi Toilet 67, this episode raises a series of questions. There has yet to be an explanation behind the unusual red eye of the Scientist Skibidi Toilet and whether the Skibidi Toilet is going to pull another decoy trap. On the other hand, it is likely that soon we will be able to see all three Titans fight side by side as they face the most dangerous enemies in the Skibidi Toilet series!

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