Secret Agent

The Secret Agent is a special human introduced throughout the Skibidi Toilet series. He was first seen in Episode 45.

Basic Information

The Secret Agent is one of the few human characters in the Skibidi Toilet series. He lurks in the shadows, a man of mystery on a covert mission. His appearance characteristics are known as a male with black hair dressed in a black suit and a pair of orange sunglasses.

The origin and objectives of the Secret Agent are still unknown. He may be an ally to The Alliance or simply an observer of how the battle unfolds, just like the original G-Man from the Half-Life series. For now, the Secret Agent remains an enigma, gathering intelligence from behind orange sunglasses - a wild card waiting to be played. Whose side is he on in this bizarre conflict?









The size of an average adult


The Secret Agent makes appearances in Skibidi toilets 45 and 46, as well as Episodes 47, 48, 52, 55, 56, and 57 (Part 1):

  • Episode 45: The POV-Cameraman caught a glimpse of the Secret Agent inside a house next to a window.
  • Episode 46: He was seen leaning on a tree in the background.
  • Episode 47: He appeared after the POV-Cameraman was attacked by the Upgraded G-Man Skibidi Toilet’s laser beam and was about to black out. It is not certain whether this man is the Secret Agent or the cameo of DaFuq!?Boom!, the creator himself.
  • Episode 48: He was inside the building to the right during the time the POV-Cameraman was attacked by an Infected Large Cameraman.
  • Episode 52: He was standing on top of the gas station when the Camera Helicopters landed.
  • Episode 55: He stands on a balcony to the right side of the screen, keenly observing their progress, his gaze falls upon the Cameramen convoy as it marches through the city streets.
  • Episode 56: He is visible inside the wreckage of a blue car following the TV Man's elimination of two Glasses Skibidi Toilets.
  • Episode 57 (Part 1): He can be spotted positioned atop the red-colored building to the right, moments after the emergence of Titan Cameraman.
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