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G-Man Skibidi Toilet (Decoy)

Acid Barrel Skibidi Toilet

Black Camerawoman

Jetpack Nailgunner Police Skibidi Toilet

Glitch Skibidi Toilet


Welcome to! We are here to help you find out everything about the hit Skibidi Toilet, its spin-off series, attractive game series, and its main characters such as the Skibidi Toilets, Cameramen, Speakermen, TV Men, and more. Catch up with the latest stories about the war between the Skibidi Toilets and The Alliance!

What is Skibidi Toilet?

Skibidi Toilet, a series of short videos with surreal graphics and absurd premises, has taken the internet by storm. In this series, an army of creepy toilets with protruding human heads threatens to dominate the world, and it is up to The Alliance to defeat these fiends! Our allies look nothing like normal humans either, with their heads made out of hardware such as CCTV cameras, speakers, and CRT televisions. Nothing seems to make sense from this description, and this is exactly why the series is so well-received among internet dwellers.

Originally created by DaFuq!?Boom! as a bizarre meme (let’s be honest; who wouldn’t find a singing human head protruding from the toilet funny—and unsettling?), the series quickly picked up among Gen Alpha, becoming an internet sensation. From short videos to a series with additional characters and its own plotline, Skibidi Toilet has amassed more than 100 million views on YouTube alone—and this number will only increase in the following days.

Who is DaFuq!?Boom!

DaFuq!?Boom!, also known as blugray, is the author behind this series. He is a video creator who mainly posts his creations on YouTube, including the popular series Skibidi Toilet. Thanks to the aforementioned series, DaFuq!?Boom! has become one of the fastest growing Youtubers, gaining over 20 million subscribers since the beginning of 2023.

In one of the interviews, DaFuq!?Boom! shared that he never expected the Skibidi Toilet series to blow up so quickly since he only made it from the beginning as a joke. To animate this series, he used Source Filmmaker, a 3D graphics software, and generated the iconic characters using assets from Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. His other projects include Big Smoke SFM Animations, DafuqMomentz, Make Your Time, and Transformers.


One day, creepy creatures with bodies made of ceramic toilets and "human" heads known as Skibidi Toilets start to appear. They are always "dancing" with their heads while singing the "Skibidi Toilet" song. Nobody knows their origin, but they can turn normal humans into other Skibidi Toilets, and their army is growing exponentially.

Every episode begins with the sight of battles between Skibidi Toilets and The Alliance, a grand faction consisting of Cameramen, Speakermen, and TV Men. As the name suggests, these characters have human bodies and heads replaced by corresponding electronics. In this battle, they are the "good guys", and they fight with all their might against the Skibidi Toilets. Throughout the series, both sides have moments of gaining the upper hand, only for the Skibidi Toilets to thwart The Alliance with new enemies or weapons, and vice versa.

With over 50 episodes so far, the series is well-liked thanks to its surreal and absurd nature. Skibidi Toilet is considered the "scary urban legend" of Gen Alpha, just like how Gen Z was obsessed with Slenderman!

Discover More about the Story and Characters of Skibidi Toilet!

If you want to read additional information about the world of Skibidi Toilet, be sure to check out the sections listed below:

  • Characters: The comprehensive list of important characters appearing in the series, including the Skibidi Toilets, The Alliance, Cameramen, Speakermen, TV Men, The Infected, Human, and their variations.
  • Locations: The most prominent locations where countless events take place during the series. 
  • Items: Explore the out-of-this-world vehicles and unexpectedly useful equipment, which are crucial to turning the tides of the battles!
G-Man Skibidi Toilet (Decoy)
The G-Man Skibidi Toilet (Decoy) is one of the unique Skibidi Toilets from the series created by DaFuq!?Boom!. It is capable of shooting lasers.
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Acid Barrel Skibidi Toilet
The Acid Barrel Skibidi Toilet is one of the giant variants of the Skibidi Toilets. It was first recorded in Episode 65 of the series with its sibling variant.
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Black Camerawoman
The Black Camerawoman is one of the strongest members of the Cameraman faction. She is first introduced in Episode 52 of the Skibidi Toilet series.
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Jetpack Nailgunner Police Skibidi Toilet
Jetpack Nailgunner Police Skibidi Toilet is a unique Skibidi Toilet from the series of the same name and makes its first introduction in Episode 65.
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Glitch Skibidi Toilet
The Glitch Skibidi Toilet is one of the unique and most powerful Skibidi Toilets from the series of the same name. It was first introduced in Episode 29.
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Skull Dismantler Skibidi Toilet
Skull Acidic Skibidi Toilet is one of the unique and strongest Skibidi Toilets from the series of the same name, making its first introduction in Episode 55.
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Tri-Artillerist Skibidi Toilet
Tri-Artillerist Skibidi Toilets first made their entrance in Episode 49 and have been featured in many episodes since then.
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Black Speakerwoman
The Black Speakerwoman is one of the few female characters in the Skibidi Toilet series. She first made her entrance in Episode 61.
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Strider Skibidi Toilet
Strider Skibidi Toilets are one of the more powerful Skibidi Toilet from the series of the same name created by DaFuq!?Boom!.
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Warhead Skibidi Toilet
The Warhead Skibidi Toilet is a unique Skibidi Toilet that only appears in Episode 65 of the Skibidi Toilet series by DaFuq!?Boom!.
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