Strider Skibidi Toilet

Strider Skibidi Toilets are one of the more powerful Skibidi Toilet from the series of the same name created by DaFuq!?Boom!. Since being first introduced in Episode 16, they have made recurring appearances throughout the series.


Strider Skibidi Toilets are modified versions of different Skibidi Toilet variants. First created inside The Hangar by the Scientist Skibidi Toilet, they have become one of the main parts of the Skibidi Toilet army. Their latest appearance shows that they have been upgraded alongside other Skibidi Toilets with gray toilets and larger sizes.

The original Strider Skibidi Toilets’ bodies consist of standard Skibidi Toilets with white ceramics and legs that resemble spiders. However, they have no toilet tanks, and some are equipped with guns below the toilets. With their legs, Strider Skibidi Toilets move around quickly and climb the wall. The legs also double as weapons since they can pierce Alliance members fairly easily.


The main attacking strategy of the Strider Skibidi Toilets is to participate in close-range combat since they utilize their legs to pierce through the bodies of the Alliance members. In addition, their necks can extend very far and bite smaller enemies. Thanks to its legs, the Strider Skibidi Toilets can move on almost every terrain. They are capable of scaling walls very easily. The legs also greatly enhance their movement speed, making it easy for them to chase after weaker enemies or escape stronger ones.

However, Strider Skibidi Toilets are not the brightest soldiers in the Skibidi Toilet army; as such, they often serve on the frontlines and attack everything on their way with no further thought. They display great loyalty to their leaders and are often seen escorting stronger Skibidi Toilets.















  • It is highly likely that the design of Strider Skibidi Toilets is based on the Striders from the Half-Life game series.
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