Black Camerawoman

The Black Camerawoman is one of the strongest members of the Cameraman faction. She is first introduced in Episode 52 of the Skibidi Toilet series.

Basic Information

The Black Camerawoman is one of the unique female characters in the Skibidi Toilet series. Like other elite female members of The Alliance, she possesses extraordinary abilities, most notably her ability to take down enemies with her targeting system. Her head is a special camera with blue flashlights, and she wears dark-colored attire consisting of a black trench coat, black boots, and black pants. When she’s in attacking mode, her flashlights turn red, and a gun turret emerges from her back.


The main combat ability of the Black Camerawoman is utilizing the targeting system to pinpoint the locations of the enemies and then using the gun turret mounted on her back to eliminate them from afar. With her targeting system, the Black Camerawoman can make the necessary calculations to take down enemies effectively and accurately, regardless of the weather and environment. With just one shot, she can take down Glass Skibidi Toilets with ease. Even among the Alliance members, she is considered to be one of the selected few capable of ranged assault.





Very High


Unknown (Presumably High)




Sniper Turrets and Targeting System


  • The name “Black Camerawoman” is given by the fans of the series to differentiate her from the Normal Camerawoman, who has made an appearance early on.
  • The Black Camerawoman, the Black Speakerwoman, the TV Woman, and the Normal Camerawoman are the only female characters in The Alliance.
  • She often puts her hand inside the coat’s pocket while walking around.
  • According to the credits, her head’s model is taken from The Backrooms’ Entity 48, while her body’s model is from a custom model of Zoey (Left 4 Dead). The turret model has the appearance of the Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle from the game Half-Life 2.
  • The Black Camerawoman is the first character from the series to give two thumbs up.
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