Tri-Artillerist Skibidi Toilet

Tri-Artillerist Skibidi Toilets are one of the more powerful flying Skibidi Toilets from the series of the same name created by DaFuq!?Boom!. They first made their entrance in Episode 49 and have been featured in many episodes since then.


As one of the variants of the Masked Launcher Skibidi Toilets, the Tri-Artillerist Skibidi Toilets have a similar appearance, with gray toilets and heads wearing ski masks. For unknown reasons, they don’t wear any protective glasses to defend themselves against the attacks of the TV Men. They can fly thanks to the helicopter rotor attached to the back of their toilets. The Skibidi Toilets are equipped with two rocket launchers on the side and one at the bottom of the toilet, which are very effective in taking down their enemies.


As one of the most powerful flying Skibidi Toilets, Tri-Artillerist Skibidi Toilets are often seen commanding weaker ones within the Skibidi Toilet airforce. With their three rocket launchers, they are capable of eliminating groups of Alliance members with little difficulty. They can also break through defenses set by The Alliance, as seen during their attacks on the Secret Laboratory in Episode 50.



Moderately High




Average - Fast







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