Glitch Skibidi Toilet

The Glitch Skibidi Toilet is one of the unique and most powerful Skibidi Toilets from the series of the same name. It was first introduced in Episode 29.


The Glitch Skibidi Toilet has a gray-colored toilet—a trait associated with more powerful, dangerous, and durable Skibidi Toilets. It is equipped with metal plates in front of its main body to better withstand collision forces. In addition, in place of the regular water tank, the Skibidi Toilet has an electronic device with a large exhaust vent. The Glitch Skibidi Toilet appears to be more like a robotic entity than the classic Skibidi Toilet.

With its super-sonic speed, the Glitch Skibidi Toilet manages to eliminate a group of Alliance members easily in Episode 29. In its next appearance in Episode 54, it is able to take down a number of Cameramen before being paralyzed by TV Woman and captured by the Scientist Cameraman. Since then, only the toilet of the Glitch Skibidi Toilet appears as a means of combat transportation for the Plungerman in Episode 63.


The Glitch Skibidi Toilet has a rather different combat strategy in comparison to its allies. Using its super-sonic speed, the Skibidi Toilet can crash into the heads of its enemies and decapitate them easily. This makes sense since the necks of the Alliance members are the most vulnerable parts of their bodies. Despite its ultra-quick movement, the Glitch Skibidi Toilet is incapable of teleportation.



Extremely High




Extremely Fast






Flushed off-screen and turned into the vehicle used by the Plungerman.


Since Episode 54, the Glitch Skibidi Toilet has been captured with the combined efforts of the TV Woman and the Scientist Cameraman. In its latest appearance, the Glitch Skibidi Toilet has become a vehicle for the Plungerman. It still retains the super-sonic speed but is now equipped with extra toilet plungers. This vehicle is extremely durable and attacks almost in the same way as the original Glitch Skibidi Toilet used to take down enemies.

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