Large Cameraman

Large Cameramen are a bigger and bulkier variation of the Cameraman faction. They appear in the Skibidi Toilet series created by DaFuq!?Boom!.

Basic Information

Large Cameramen have muscular physiques and bulky retro cameras as their heads. They wear the same attire as the Normal Cameramen. 


Large Cameramen have much better physical stats than their normal counterparts, giving them the ability to defeat the stronger Skibidi Toilet variations in the series. They are also much slower than the Normal Cameramen, mainly due to their bulky heads and heavier figures. Large Cameramen are not equipped with any special weapons; instead, they rely on hand-on-hand combat, being a lot stronger than other Cameramen and Speakermen. One episode has shown that they are able to crush the Skibidi Toilets’ heads and use their toilets as shoes. 

Large Cameramen are also very present on the battlefield against the Skibidi Toilets. Unfortunately, most of the Large Cameramen have been infected by the Skibidi Parasites; in fact, they are the first ones to be captured and tested on by Scientist Skibidi Toilets (likely due to their being slower and more vulnerable on their necks).



Hand-to-Hand Combat








Large, 11.54 ft


  • They've fallen victim to the Skibidi Parasite in a significant manner. The initial member to contract the infection also happens to be the first one to recover from it.
  • Their attire displays a nuanced range of colors, distinct from one Large Cameraman to another (this contrast is most evident in Episode 43).
  • Their headgear resembles movie cameras.
  • Among the members of the "large" alliance, they stand as the shortest.
  • While they once possessed greater height, evolution appears to have favored a shorter stature. Nonetheless, they remain taller than the Regular Cameramen.
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