Scientist Cameraman

Scientist Cameramen are the variations of Cameramen specializing in scientific research in the Skibidi Toilet series.

Basic Information

Scientist Cameramen are a carbon copy of Normal Cameramen, except that they wear white coats and suits, resembling laboratory scientists in real life. They have exceptional intelligence and work very hard to find countermeasures against the Skibidi Toilet in the Hidden Laboratory, including a special gun to eliminate the parasites and providing enhancements to the Titan variations.

In Episode 48, one Scientist Cameraman became the POV-Cameraman.


Scientist Cameramen are the creators behind the Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler (EPD), guns that can dispose of the parasites inside the Infected without affecting the victim. A larger version mounted on a tank called the Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler Laser Tank was created in an effort to reverse the brainwashing of the Titan Speakerman. However, before The Alliance was able to use it on the Titan Speakerman, it was blown up by G-Man Skibidi Toilet in Episode 38.



hand to hand combat, using Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler


Low, unless using EPD, then Medium


Medium (Same as Cameraman, for Cameramen can survive several hits from a controlled Large Cameraman)






Alive (Mostly)


by G-Toilet lasers and Titan Speakerman blaster


  • In Skibidi Toilet 23, the Cameramen Scientists can be observed upgrading the Titan Cameraman.
  • They make an appearance in Skibidi Toilet 35 alongside the Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler.
  • Instead of wearing lab coats, they don the same white suits as regular Cameramen.
  • Skibidi Toilet 37 showcases the Cameramen Scientists conducting experiments with the Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler. In Skibidi Toilet 43, it is likely that they enhanced it to serve as both a Parasite eliminator and a weapon, as demonstrated when a Cameraman Scientist picks it up and employs it as such.
  • A Scientist Cameraman assumes the role of the POV-Cameraman in Skibidi Toilet 48.
  • There is a theory suggesting that the Scientist Cameraman did not kill the Glitch Skibidi Toilet but rather paralyzed it for potential study.
  • The Scientist Cameraman in Skibidi Toilet 37 is likely the same individual from Skibidi Toilet 48, as evidenced by the presence of Plunger Cameraman in both episodes. This implies that the Scientist Cameraman may also be the POV-Cameraman in Skibidi Toilet 45, as Plunger Cameraman accompanies him in that episode as well.
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