POV-Cameramen refers to a group of Cameramen recording the events of the war, which are shown to the viewer in every episode. 

Basic Information

POV-Cameramen are mostly the Normal Cameramen, but some episodes are shown from the viewpoints of other variants, such as the Scientist Cameraman in Episode 48 or the Titan Cameraman in Episode 51.

Thanks to the POV-Cameramen, viewers get to see the war unfold from their perspectives. Their lives are, however, relatively brief; they are usually attacked by the Skibidi Toilets or other enemies at the conclusion of each episode. On the other hand, if POV-Cameramen manage to stay alive until the end of the episode, they usually give or get a thumbs-up from other members of The Alliance.


Depending on the variants, the POV-Cameramen can utilize different weapons, such as the AKS-74U (the series’ version of the popular gun AK-47), toilet plungers, or the Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler. The latter is held by the Scientist Cameramen with the ability to eliminate the parasites inside Infected allies. 

As the series progressed, POV-Cameramen became much more proficient in battling against the Skibidi Toilets. During the early days of the war, they could only shake off the enemies with weapons and equipment, but now they are capable of handling multiple Skibidi Toilets at once with their bare hands.

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