Season 19

In Season 19, The Alliance is giving its best effort to bring back the former ally, the Titan Speakerman. With the ever-growing army of the Skibidi Toilets, will the might of the Titan Cameraman be enough? Will there be a surprise ally who can turn the tides of the battle?

Season 19


57, 58, 59


August 18th, 2023

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skibidi toilet 57: Cured Titan Speakerman

Since this is the longest episode to date, reaching almost three minutes in length, it has been divided into three Shorts videos. The Full-Screen version consists of all three short videos.

Part 1

Three Normal Cameramen can be seen hiding behind air conditioner units on a building’s rooftop as they watch the battle unfold. The POV-Cameraman hears some sort of explosion that happens below, and he walks to the front to see the Infected Titan Speakerman wreaking havoc. The titan crushes a Large Speakerman under his feet, obliterates three escaping Normal Cameramen with his cannon, and destroys an Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler Laser Tank when it tries to fire at him.

Moments later, the Titan Cameraman appears and gestures "No" at the Titan Speakerman with his finger. He also covers his core before engaging in the battle. The Titan Speakerman spares no moment to shoot the Titan Cameraman with his cannon, but it is ineffective against the latter’s shield. The Titan Cameraman pushes forward and is able to land powerful punches on the other side, making him fly up to not sustain more attacks. As the Titan Speakerman is about to shoot from above, the Titan Cameraman pulls him down and slams him into the ground. In retaliation, the injured titan blasts a powerful soundwave attack in desperation, distracting the other momentarily, but the Titan Speakerman is soon pushed to the ground once again.

Just before the Titan Speakerman’s parasite can be taken forcefully, the G-Man Skibidi Toilet 3.0 arrives and attacks the Titan Cameraman from behind. It has been upgraded with even more laser cannons and protective gear, including headphones and glasses. The Titan Cameraman shifts his attention to the Skibidi Toilet and tackles it, crashing both into a building in front of them. Seeing that, the other infected titan regains composure and aims the cannon at his current enemy. He is, however, distracted by the Black Cameraman with double plungers, as the latter jumps into the Titan’s neck from a high vantage point, attempting to eliminate the parasite. Unfortunately, the Titan Speakerman quickly notices him. He grabs the Cameraman with one of his hands, crushes him, and throws him to the ground.

Part 2

Meanwhile, the fight between the Titan Cameraman and G-Man Skibidi Toilet 3.0 has yet to conclude. As the latter tries to destroy the Titan’s exposed core, the former blasts powerful fire at the G-Man Skibidi Toilet’s head and tops it off with a mighty hammer attack. The leader of the Skibidi Toilets plummets to the ground.

The Titan Cameraman shifts his attention to the Infected Titan Speakerman once again. He lunges at the Titan Speakerman and creates an impact so strong that it manages to knock the POV- Cameraman and others on the rooftop off their feet. He then hurls the infected Titan in the opposite direction. A Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet suddenly appears behind the Titan Cameraman, stabbing him with its four arms. This attack proves to have no effect on the titan; instead, he swiftly eliminates the Skibidi Toilet. While the Titan Cameraman is distracted, a Helicopter Skibidi Parasite attempts to latch on to him, but it is soon crushed by the Titan.

The Titan Speakerman regains composure once more and attacks the Titan Cameraman once more. Suddenly, the TV Woman teleports on top of the Titan Speakerman, and she heads down to eliminate the parasite. Sensing this, the titan tries to remove her with his hand but is stopped by the Titan Cameraman.

Part 3

Once again, the heavily-injured G-Man Skibidi Toilet 3.0 appears behind the Titan Cameraman, who is now occupied with securing the hands of the Titan Speakerman. Before it can land another attack, it is surrounded by the Black Camerawoman, the POV-Cameraman, and another Normal Cameraman. Enraged, it is just about to eliminate the POV-Cameraman, but decides to flee once it realizes that the parasite inside the Titan Speakerman has been neutralized. The TV Woman emerges from the body of the Titan Speakerman, who has yet to regain consciousness, and swiftly teleports the injured Black Cameraman with her. The Titan Cameraman destroys the parasite once and for all.

Moments later, the Titan Speakerman is finally awake. He looks around to see the damage he has caused before flying off somberly. At the end of the episode, the POV-Cameraman gives the Titan Cameraman a thumbs up for all his hard work, who also replies in kind.

skibidi toilet 58: Mutant Buzzsaw Toilet

The episode begins with the place being destroyed by the Skibidi Toilets. Three Normal Cameramen cling to a traffic light pole while trying to fend off a Large Skibidi Toilet. Another Cameraman is being dragged away helplessly by another Skibidi Toilet. Not far from there, a Dual Buzzsaw Mutant Skibidi Toilet chases after a Cameraman and skews him with its leg. Soon, it sees the POV-Cameraman, and decides he is its new target.

Just before the POV-Cameraman is attacked, the Titan Speakerman appears, and he swiftly destroys all the Skibidi Toilets within the vicinity, much to their confusion. The POV-Cameraman looks at the three Normal Cameramen again, and he can see the Secret Agent standing on the rooftop. Soon, a group of Dual Missile Helicopter Grey Skibidi Toilets appears, encircling the Titan Speakerman, but he quickly flies up, spinning around while firing all the enemies. Once all the Skibidi Toilets have been eliminated, he flies away. The Titan Cameraman arrives right after to see that all the Skibidi Toilets have been taken care of. He is surprised momentarily, but immediately flies in the direction of the Titan Speakerman.

The POV-Cameraman looks at the three Cameramen once again, who still cling to the pole. All of them give him a thumbs up.

skibidi toilet 59: Return of the Speakermen

The POV-Cameraman runs to a Normal Skibidi Toilet and quickly flushes it, rescuing a fellow Cameraman. Suddenly, a loud explosion occurs, and a Dual Laser Launcher Skibidi Toilet appears, accompanied by two Large Anti-Personnel Helicopter Skibidi Toilets. To its surprise, however, the latter are soon taken care of. As the POV-Cameraman looks up, the Titan Cameraman and Titan Speakerman head towards the Skibidi Toilet. The Titan Speakerman lands first and performs a somersault over the Dual Laser Launcher Skibidi Toilet’s head, taking off its helmet in the process. He proceeds to shoot its mouth with the cannon, but is later sidetracked by a Flying Octo-Launcher Skibidi Toilet. Leaving the Dual Laser Launcher Skibidi Toilet to the Titan Cameraman, he lunges on to the flying Skibidi Toilet. Meanwhile, the Titan Cameraman shoves all the Skibidi Toilet’s weapons into its mouth and kicks it away until it collides with something and explodes.

The Titan Speakman returns to the ground, and the other Titan gives him a thumbs up. As the POV-Cameraman looks behind him, he can see an army of Speakermen, who haven’t appeared for a long time since their Titan’s infection, marching towards the two Titans. Looking at the joyous occasion, the two Titans give each other a firm handshake.


If the last few seasons paint the picture of a war with no future against the Skibidi Toilets, hope finally comes back to The Alliance! In Episode 57, the Titan Speakerman finally breaks free from the Parasitic Skibidi Toilet’s clutches thanks to the combined efforts of the Titan Cameraman and TV Woman. Furthermore, it can be seen that the ties between the Cameramen, Speakermen, and TV Men have become much stronger through countless battles. The Speakermen finally make a joyous return when the Titan Speakerman returns to The Alliance, and both the Titans make a great team together!


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