TV Woman

TV Woman, also known as TV Matriarch, is a female variant of the TV Man faction. She made her first appearance in Episode 49 of the Skibidi Toilet series.

Basic Information

TV Woman is one of the few female characters in the Skibidi Toilet series. She is renowned for possessing a vast multitude of skills, making her one of The Alliance's most powerful members. She wears a black leather coat, along with black leggings and boots. Her head consists of a TV with a vintage design resembling those from the 1970s. TV Woman is also capable of displaying emotions on her TV screen.


TV Woman possesses a vast array of skills, making her an important figure in the TV Man faction. She is capable of setting the enemies ablaze with the bright orange lights emitted from her screen, as seen in Episode 49. Her other lights can also paralyze or mind-control the Skibidi Toilets. Most notably, her head can be detached, and it can move extremely quickly by flying with built-in jetpacks. In addition, her head functions as a parasite against the larger Skibidi Toilet variants. She is shown to have controlled a Flying Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet and directed it to crash into the other enemies. In Episode 54, she successfully neutralized the Glitched Skibidi Toilet.

Like other TV Men, the TV Woman avoids confronting the enemy head-on and will teleport away instead. She is also the first one to be seen teleporting an ally, as seen in Episode 49, when she lifts up the POV-Cameraman and brings him to the Hidden Laboratory.



Infernal Photons, Parasitic TV, Stun screen


Incredibly High


Insane (her head was able to perfectly survive the explosion of the Buzzsaw Toilet without any harm at all, was able to tank Glitch toilet ramming into her head only detaching it from the body.)


Unknown while walking, very high utilizing teleportation


Photon Control, Teleportation like Titan TV Man, and capable of bringing things to it or mind-controlling others utilizing its violet light. Also capable of using her head as a parasite similar to the Skibidi Toilet Parasite


  • Among The Alliance members, the exclusive female representations include TV Woman, Camerawomen, and Black Camerawoman.
  • TV Woman holds the distinction of being the first Hardware Head to wield her unique abilities.
  • A slight deviation in her TV design sets TV Woman apart from the other TV Men.
  • Notably, in skibidi toilet 49, TV Woman conveyed an >w< emotion.
  • Additionally, in skibidi toilet 54, she exhibited an Òwó emotion.
  • The initial teaser featuring TV Woman likely showcased the first version of her distinctive emoji.
  • Paralleling the pattern observed with all other TV Men (excluding Cinemaman), TV Woman has never been observed resorting to the use of her fists in combat or sustaining any form of injury.
  • She stands as the sole TV Head to employ two different facial expressions in skibidi toilet 54, employing both Òwó and >w< expressions.
  • Notably, both TV Woman and Large TV Man have never been documented engaging in verbal communication.
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