Black Cameraman

Black Cameramen, also known as Ninja Cameramen, refer to a rarer version of the Normal Cameramen, first appearing in Episode 8 of the Skibidi Toilet series.

Basic Information

Black Cameramen are a rare variation of the Cameraman faction. They look identical to Normal Cameramen, except for the black CCTV cameras as their heads.


Black Cameramen have no special weapons, but they have higher combat capability than the normal variation. As shown in Episode 48, a Black Cameraman can take down six Glass Skibidi Toilets, while the Scientist Cameraman can only defeat two enemies at the same time. They are also masters of bojutsu, martial arts with toilet plungers, with the notable individual being the Double Plunger Cameraman. Episode 52 introduces the Surveillance Camerawoman, a version of the Black Cameramen with exceptional combat abilities.





Above Average






Live in population



Interesting Points

  • Black Cameraman constitute a category of cameramen, making sporadic appearances across the series rather than being a constant presence.
  • One hypothesis suggests that these cameramen possess superior combat and strength attributes. This notion finds support in Episode 48, where a Black Cameraman successfully neutralized 6 Glass Skibidi Toilets in the span of time it took the POV-Cameraman to flush 1 toilet and disinfect a Large Cameraman. This observation hints at the possibility that the Black Cameraman are not only faster but potentially slightly more robust than the typical Cameramen.
  • The Black Cameraman makes a notable appearance in skibidi toilet 2.
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