Normal Skibidi Toilet

Normal Skibidi Toilets are the most common variant of the Skibidi Toilet army. They have appeared since the first episode of the series and continue to be the main fighting force of the army. 


Normal Skibidi Toilets have the common white ceramic toilets, along with the protruding heads and long necks. They are also the backbone for the 3D-generated models of other Skibidi Toilet variants. The size of Normal Skibidi Toilets is the second smallest of the whole army, only being bigger than the Mini Skibidi Toilets. They can be seen singing the Skibidi Toilet song in a normal pitched voice and accompanying other variants. 


Being the most common variant, Normal Skibidi Toilets have no exceptional features. They can extend and swing their long necks around to lunge at their enemies and bite them off. Along with the Mini Skibidi Toilets, they have fairly low toilet durability, which can be broken with enough force. They can also be easily defeated by pulling the flush handle.

Normal Skibidi Toilets are extremely aggressive and will attack the members of The Alliance, including the Cameramen and Speakermen. It is implied that their exploding population is the result of normal humans being transformed into the Skibidi Toilets, in contrast to the larger variants, which are made in a special factory.







Normal - Slightly Fast







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