Giant Skibidi Toilet

Giant Skibidi Toilets are one of the larger variants of DaFuq!?Boom!'s Skibidi Toilet series. They were first introduced in Episode 3 and have appeared a few more times since then.


Giant Skibidi Toilets have identical appearances in comparison to the Normal Skibidi Toilets, but they are at least sixteen times bigger than the normal variant. In fact, they are the largest common variant of the Skibidi Toilet army. They also have the standard white ceramic toilet and heads with extremely long necks. Because of their size, their voice when chanting the Skibidi Toilet song is also much deeper and belligerent, and they also sing at a slower tempo. This can serve as a way to threaten and show off their strength to their enemies.


Giant Skibidi Toilets have extremely durable toilets, making it much harder to eliminate them by sheer power. Having much larger bodies, Giant Skibidi Toilets can simply crush enemies with their massive weight. However, they move much slower than their normal counterparts. It is also noticeably harder to flush the Giant Skibidi Toilets—it takes the power of at least two strong individuals to pull the toilet handle.

Giant Skibidi Toilets are capable of commanding the Skibidi Toilet army, as seen during Episode 3. They display more intelligence and calmness during the battle and are probably one of the pivotal leaders in the army.



Very Low


Very Low


Slightly Fast


0.49 feet


Alive / Unknown (All)



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