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Unblock Skibidi

Unblock Skibidi

Unblock Skibidi is a simple yet engaging puzzle game that challenges players to lead the Skibidi Toilet from the starting point to the goal by connecting a safe path made from various blocks! Use the blocks with stars to make a path for an extra challenge!

Unblock Skibidi features a series of challenging puzzles that can provide tons of entertainment for those who want to work their brains. In each level, there are two main types of blocks: the moveable and non-moveable ones. Players can only move blocks one by one, and once they have made a path, the Skibidi Toilet will get to the finish line automatically. For those who want 100% completion, try to make use of blocks with stars so the Skibidi Toilet can collect them all. With four level packs available, players will have plenty of fun with Unblock Skibidi, a clever and addictive puzzle game!

How To Play

Interact with the game using the left mouse button.

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