Titan TV Man

Titan TV Man is the latest Titan variant of The Alliance. He is first introduced in Episode 41 of the Skibidi Toilet series.

Basic Information

Titan TV Man is one of the only three Titan variants of the Skibidi Toilet series, along with Titan Cameraman and Titan Speakerman. He is also the largest member of The Alliance and displays exceptional strength and capability in physical combat. Titan TV Man has a bulky figure, a large CRT TV, spiky knives hanging on his back, and a purple reactor core on his chest. There are spikes on his body, possibly to prevent the Parasitic Skibidi Toilets’ brainwashing.

He is likely the strongest member of The Alliance, whose strength may even exceed the G-Man Skibidi Toilet. Whenever Titan TV Man showcases his red light beam attack, the slowed-down version of the THX intro is played.


Titan TV Man boasts extremely high defense and hand-to-hand combat, being the only one of his kind to lunge at the enemy. He can even stand against the combined force of G-Man Skibidi Toilet and Infected Titan Speakerman with ease, and missile attacks have almost no effect on him. With the spiky knives on his back, he can stab the Skibidi Toilets’ heads.

However, Titan TV Man’s most distinctive weapon is the psychological beam attack, which is exponentially more powerful than his normal counterparts. Any Skibidi Toilets in contact with this beam will pull the toilet handle by themselves, executing self-destruction by flushing. The light can also make the enemies’ heads explode. Being so powerful, any allies near the Titan TV Man are requested to wear protective lenses to avoid its effects.

Titan TV Man is also capable of using teleportation to chase after enemies or avoid parasites.



  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Radiating hypnotism
  • Shoulder claws


Extremely High


Extremely High


Average; Fast when utilizing its jetpack



Upgraded Version

In Episode 44, Titan TV Man has two additional Black Helicopter Speakers mounted on his shoulders and a universal speaker attached to his chest, becoming the Cinemaman. This gives him the ability to use an enhanced beam attack with more devastating effects against the Skibidi Toilets. This attack produces a higher-frequency sound, shattering the glasses of the enemies nearby and making them susceptible to the psychological beams.

With his newfound strength, Cinemaman is able to withstand any attacks from both Titan Speakerman and G-Man Skibidi Toilet and rip off the speaker of the former. However, in his 3v1 battle against the Skibidi Toilet force, Cinemaman sustained great damage and teleported just in time before a Parasitic Skibidi Toilet latched on him.


  • Titan TV Man likely holds the title of the strongest among the three Titans, demonstrating resilience against repeated assaults from both G-Toilet 2.0 and Titan Speakerman without displaying any reaction.
  • Another notable feat of the Titan TV Man involves its capacity to shield itself from explosion damage using its arm.
  • The process by which this Titan was created remains unknown, mirroring the enigma surrounding the origins of Titan Speakerman and Titan Cameraman.
  • Distinguishing itself from its counterparts, the Titan TV Man is the first among the TV Men to engage in hand-to-hand combat against Skibidi Toilets.
  • In terms of appearance, its core mimics the shape of a Half-Life 2 hopper mine.
  • Titan TV Man ranks as the third Titan in the sequence, with Titan Cameraman preceding it as the first and Titan Speakerman as the second.
  • Alternatively referred to as Cinemaman, its appearance aligns with that of Cinemaman when equipped with 3 Black Helicopter Speakers, rendering it more potent.
  • In Episode 47, the Black Helicopter Speakers of Cinemaman were severed by a Flying Dual Buzzsaw Skibidi Toilet.
  • Unique among the TV Men, Titan TV Man is the only one observed using its fists in battle and being subject to attacks.
  • Following Episode 47, significant damage was inflicted on Titan TV Man in its confrontation with the Flying Dual Buzzsaw Toilet, G-Toilet 2.0, and Infected Titan Speakerman. Despite this setback, it is evident that Titan TV Man maintains a substantial advantage in strength over G-Toilet 2.0 and Infected Titan Speakerman.

With the introduction of Titan Speakerman V2, uncertainties regarding relative strength arise. However, one point of clarity is that Titan Speakerman V2 likely surpasses the base form of Titan TV Man in terms of power.

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