Normal TV Man

Normal TV Man are a variant of the TV Man faction. They are the most common variant and were first introduced in Episode 39 of the Skibidi Toilet series.

Basic Information

Normal TV Man (and TV Men in general) are mysterious individuals with powerful abilities that are terrifying to the Skibidi Toilets. They are the latest members of The Alliance and have since provided invaluable support in the battle.

As the name suggests, Normal TV Men’s heads are CRT televisions, and they wear dark-colored trench coats, pants, shoes, and gloves. Their TV screens are usually grainy; sometimes they emit blue light or other colors with more intensity when showcasing their power. TV Men in general are the only people capable of expressing emotion by displaying different emoticons, such as a wink ;) or being angry >:(.

Normal TV Men made numerous cameos before their official introduction in Episode 39. They are often seen in the distance with their distinctive blue screens every time The Alliance seems to be gaining an upper hand.


Since Normal TV Men have fairly small figures, they prefer not to engage in close combat. Instead, they become the support team of The Alliance and are capable of paralyzing the incoming Skibidi Toilets with their psychological beams. This gives Cameramen and Speakermen the chance to approach the enemies from behind and pull their flushing handle.

In Episode 42, the Normal TV Men are shown to be effective against the infected allies. When their blue lights are emitted, The Infected start taking out the Parasitic Skibidi Toilets by themselves. The same blue light appears to make the parasites fight against each other.

In case of emergency, they can teleport to another location from the battlefield, as seen in Episode 43, when their light is no longer effective on Glass Skibidi Toilets.

However, in Episode 56, they are shown to be quite proficient with knives, which are hidden inside their sleeves.



Purple Radiation, has a blade in his hand to kill toilets


Medium (Can paralyze Skibidi Toilets)




High (Teleportation)







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