skibidi toilet 57

In skibidi toilet 57, the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here! Will the combined might of all members of The Alliance be enough to bring back the Titan Speakerman?

skibidi toilet 57

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August 18th, 2023



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  • The Alliance: POV-Cameraman, Normal Cameraman, Black Cameraman, Black Camerawoman, Large Speakerman, TV Woman
  • The Skibidi Toilets: G-Man Skibidi Toilet 3.0, Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet, Helicopter Large Parasitic Skibidi Toilet, Large Parasitic Skibidi Toilet
  • The Infected: Upgraded Titan Speakerman
  • Humans: Secret Agent


As the largest episode to date, at nearly three minutes, it has been separated into three short videos. The Full-Screen version includes all three Shorts videos.

Part 1

On the rooftop of a building, three Normal Cameramen can be seen hiding behind air conditioning units as they observe the battle. The POV-Cameraman witnesses an explosion and walks to the front of the rooftop to see the Infected Titan Speakerman inflicting devastation. The titan stomps on a Large Speakerman, eliminates three escaping Normal Cameramen with his cannon, and destroys an Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler Laser Tank that attempts to fire upon him.

Moments later, the Titan Cameraman appears and gestures "No" with his finger to the Titan Speakerman. He covers his core before engaging in combat. The Titan Speakerman wastes no time firing his cannon at the Titan Cameraman, but it is useless due to the latter's shield. The Titan Cameraman pushes forward and is able to strike powerful punches at the other Titan, making him fly up to not sustain more attacks. As the Titan Speakerman prepares to fire from above, the Titan Cameraman drags him down and slams him to the ground. In retaliation, the injured titan unleashes a powerful soundwave attack, momentarily distracting the other titan, but the Titan Speakerman is swiftly brought back to the ground.

Just before it gets to the Titan Speakerman's parasite being forcibly extracted, the G-Man Skibidi Toilet 3.0 assaults the Titan Cameraman from behind. It has been enhanced with additional laser cannons and protective equipment, such as headphones and glasses. The Titan Cameraman shifts his focus to the Skibidi Toilet and assaults it, causing both of them to collide with a building in front of them. The other infected titan regains his composure and positions the cannon at his current foe. However, he gets interrupted by the Black Cameraman with double plungers, who leaps into the Titan's neck from a high vantage point in an attempt to destroy the parasite. Unfortunately, the Titan Speakerman notices him immediately. The Cameraman is taken by one of his hands, crushed, and thrown to the ground.

Part 2

Meanwhile, the Titan Cameraman and G-Man Skibidi Toilet 3.0 are still engaged in combat. While the latter attempts to destroy the Titan's exposed core, the former attacks the G-Man Skibidi Toilet with powerful flames and a mighty hammer. This results in the Skibidi Toilets falling to the ground.

The Titan Cameraman focuses his attention once more on the Infected Titan Speakerman. He lunges at the Titan Speakerman, causing an impact so powerful that the POV- Cameraman and others on the rooftop are knocked off their feet. The infected Titan is then launched in the opposite direction. Behind the Titan Cameraman, a Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet abruptly appears and stabs him with its four arms. This attack has no effect on the titan; instead, he disposes of the Skibidi Toilet promptly. While the Titan Cameraman is preoccupied, a Helicopter Skibidi Parasite attempts to attach to him but is quickly obliterated by the Titan itself.

The Titan Speakerman recovers his composure and assaults the Titan Cameraman again. Suddenly, the TV Woman teleports to the Titan Speakerman's head and proceeds to get rid of the parasite. Seeing this, the titan tries to take her away with his hand, but the Titan Cameraman stops him.

Part 3

The severely injured G-Man Skibidi Toilet 3.0 reappears behind the Titan Cameraman, who is currently occupied with securing the Titan Speakerman's hands. Before it can launch another assault, it is encircled by a Black Camerawoman, a POV-Cameraman, and a Normal Cameraman. It is about to execute the POV-Cameraman when it realizes that the parasite within the Titan Speakerman has been eliminated, so instead, it runs away. The TV Woman quickly teleports the injured Black Cameraman with her as she exits the body of the Titan Speakerman, who has yet to regain consciousness. The Titan Cameraman eradicates the parasite permanently.

After a few moments, the Titan Speakerman comes to full consciousness. Before he departs in a solemn manner, he casts a gloomy glance around to assess the destruction he has wreaked. The POV-Cameraman gives the Titan Cameraman a thumbs up at the conclusion of the episode, to which the Titan Cameraman responds in kind.


  • This is the longest episode ever, clocking in at 2 minutes and 43 seconds, nearly twice as long as the previous record-holder.
  • This is the first episode to feature background music, which appears at the conclusion of the episode. It is a slowed-down version of "Triage At Dawn" from the game Half-Life 2.
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