skibidi toilet 53

A formidable opponent finally presents itself in skibidi toilet 53! Fortunately, The Alliance has the Titan Cameraman, who can fend off any possible threats!

skibidi toilet 53

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skibidi toilet 53



July 29th, 2023



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  • The Alliance: POV-Cameraman, Normal Cameraman, Large Cameraman, Black Camerawoman, Black Cameraman, Scientist Cameraman, Upgraded Titan Cameraman, Large Speakerman
  • The Skibidi Toilets: Normal Skibidi Toilet, Strider Skibidi Toilet, Large Skibidi Toilet, Giant Skibidi Toilet, Glass Skibidi Toilet, Jetpack Skibidi Toilet, Helicopter Skibidi Toilet, Assailant Astro Toilet


At the beginning of the episode, there are Cameramen who hold Stun Batons and Skibidi Toilets who head in the direction of the harbor. The Black Camerawoman steps on a Normal Skibidi Toilet, presumed to be deceased. While the other members of The Alliance are making their way closer to the conflict, the Titan Cameraman can be seen continuing to take out the flying Skibidi Toilets from a distance. An Assailant Astro Toilet emerges out of nowhere close to a Large Speakerman and immediately takes him out with a cannon. The Black Cameraman, equipped with double plungers and a jetpack, flies upward toward the enemy in an effort to destroy it. Thankfully, the Titan Cameraman moves fast toward the Assailant Astro Toilet and attempts to crush him with the Mechanical Hammer before it can attack the Black Cameraman. However, it rapidly flies away and vanishes into thin air.

The Titan Cameraman makes a hand signal, and when the POV-Cameraman looks behind him, he sees an Electromagnetic Parasite Disabler Laser Tank with other Normal Cameramen protecting it. The POV-Cameraman receives a thumbs-up from one of the Cameramen.


  • This is the first episode to feature Cameramen equipped with Paralyzer Lasers, but they have yet to use them against the Skibidi Toilets.
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