skibidi toilet 52

A new character appears in skibidi toilet 52! The Black Camerawoman finally makes her entrance and displays her unrivaled shooting abilities!

skibidi toilet 52

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skibidi toilet 52



July 25th, 2023 (Full-Screen)

July 26th, 2023 (Shorts)



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0:55 (Full-Screen)

0:51 (Shorts)

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  • The Alliance: POV-Cameraman, Normal Cameraman, Black Cameraman, Upgraded Titan Cameraman, Black Camerawoman, Medic Cameraman
  • The Skibidi Toilets: Glass Skibidi Toilet, Dual Blade Skibidi Toilet, Helicopter Spider Skibidi Toilet


The POV-Cameraman has taken a significant amount of damage and is currently lying on the ground with his hand smashed and cables poking out. Sparks emitted from his injured hand let out some sound, which alerted a Dual Blade Skibidi Toilet that is nearby, and it switched its aim to be him instead. When it appears that the POV-Cameraman is about to be destroyed, the Black Cameraman springs into action and defeats it with a plunger.

The scene is interrupted by the arrival of two Cameramen Helicopters, each carrying a team of Medic Cameramen. In addition, the Titan Cameraman emerges from behind the fog and uses his bare hand to destroy an incoming Helicopter Spider Skibidi Toilet, stopping them from assaulting the Cameramen Helicopter. A Black Camerawoman approaches the Black Cameraman and gives him two thumbs up as he kicks away the flushed Skibidi Toilet. They are, however, quickly disrupted by a number of Skibidi Toilets. While the Black Cameraman rushes to engage them in combat, the Black Camerawoman quickly eliminates them one by one with the sniper rifle built into her camera. She eliminates everyone in the group before the Black Cameraman can get close to them, and after she's done, he gives her a thumbs up as he turns around.


  • Two hidden messages are concealed within this episode. One states, "Your real enemy is coming," while the other states, "New species are coming." This may refer to the appearance of new variants of the Skibidi Toilet, such as the Large UFO Skibidi Toilet, the Skull Dismantler Skibidi Toilet, or the Giant Jetpack Rocket Launcher Triple Skibidi Bathtub.
  • In contrast to the silent gun used by TV Man in Episode 49, Black Camerawoman's gun creates noise. This indicates that her firearm may prioritize firepower over concealment or destroying glasses.
  • Even without a lock-on mechanism, Black Camerawoman can rapidly aim and hit targets like the Helicopter Spider Skibidi Toilet with pinpoint accuracy. This indicates that she need not always rely on targeting systems for single targets, although they may be delayed when dealing with groups.
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