skibidi toilet 51

Experience the thrilling point-of-view of the Titan Cameraman in skibidi toilet 51! Watch the mighty titan get rid of the Skibidi Toilet with ease!

skibidi toilet 51

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skibidi toilet 51



July 22nd, 2023 (Full-Screen)

July 23rd, 2023 (Shorts)



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1:01 (Full-Screen)

0:46 (Shorts)

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  1. The Alliance






The Titan Cameraman, who battles all Skibidi Toilets by himself.

Black Cameraman


Gets placed at the top of a building by the POV-Cameraman.

  1. Skibidi Toilets




Giant Skibidi Toilet


Are swiftly eliminated by the POV-Cameraman.

Large Skibidi Toilet


Strider Skibidi Toilet


Dual Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet


Giant Laser Skibidi Toilet


Engages in a short battle with the POV-Cameraman, only to be scorched by him.

Flying Giant Rocket Launcher Skibidi Toilet


Is burned and flushed by the POV-Cameraman.

Helicopter Missile Skibidi Toilet


(Full-Screen version only) All approach the battle at the end of the episode.


This episode is seen from the perspective of the Upgraded Titan Cameraman as he flies to a coastal city to eliminate the remaining Skibidi Toilets. While still in the air, he shoots any Skibidi Toilets he sees before landing on an overhead bridge and crushing a Strider Skibidi Toilet. Looking at the front, he sees a Dual Malformed Strider Skibidi Toilet armed with two laser weapons who immediately begins firing at him, as well as a Giant Laser Skibidi Toilet. While the former is quickly shot by the Titan Cameramen, the latter is able to deflect his attack. The Titan Cameraman then leaps to the Skibidi Toilet while wielding the Mechanical Hammer, which destroys its shield. It is quickly destroyed by his reactor core.

A Flying Giant Rocket Skibidi Toilet appears to his left and fires multiple projectiles at him while dodging his attack. Seeing that a ranged attack is ineffective against it, the Titan Cameraman flies swiftly towards it, seizes its head, and hurls it at a nearby structure. He fires the cannon again, but its head emerges from the haze. The Titan Cameraman punches its head, fires his reactor core at it, and then flushes it away.

When there are no Skibidi Toilets nearby, the Titan Cameraman positions the Black Cameraman, armed with a double plunger, on top of a nearby building. Then he gives the Titan Cameraman a thumbs-up and prepares for another assault. More Helicopter Missile Skibidi Toilets appear to be approaching the Titan Cameraman, and he beckons for them to engage in combat with him.

Differences between the Full-Screen and Shorts Versions


  • The Skibidi Toilets only let out the "Skibidi-Skibidi" chanting instead of singing their song.
  • The horde of Helicopter Missile Skibidi Toilets can be seen by the POV-Cameraman at the end of the episode.


  • The horde of Helicopter Missile Skibidi Toilets does not appear at all.


  • This episode is the first to observe events from the perspective of a Titan, as opposed to a Normal Cameraman or a Rover.
  • Upon encountering the Upgraded Titan Cameraman, a great number of Skibidi Toilets display extreme dread.
  • The entire conflict takes place at night in a coastal city. The Skibidi Toilets have taken over the city, setting it ablaze, possibly continuing from Episode 49.
  • This is the first time that the author, DaFuq!?Boom!, refers to the name of the Titan Cameraman in the video description: “titan cameraman cleaning the mess.”
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