Skibidi Toilet 64: Analysis, Mystery and Easter Eggs

The Skibidi Toilet series by DaFuq!?Boom! is nearing the end of the 21st season, showing the relentless battles between the titular antagonists and the heroic Alliance members. In this article, we shall dive deeper into the subtle hints that the creator has left in the episode and uncover the important Easter eggs that you may have missed. In addition, we shall theorize on the possible plotline in Episode 65.

The Skibidi Toilets Have Become More Cruel and Dangerous Than Ever

At the beginning of the episode, it can be seen that both the Skibidi Toilets and Cameramen are trying to run away from something, which turns out to be the Buzzsaw Executioner Skibidi Urinal. If the vacuum ability of this Skibidi Toilet seems familiar to you, a fearsome enemy with a similar ability named Vacuum Skibidi Urinal has also appeared in Episode 46! However, this Skibidi Toilet pales in comparison to the latest enemy when it comes to strength and durability, since it was swiftly eliminated by the Titan TV Man.

In addition, one distinct difference between the Buzzsaw Executioner Skibidi Urinal and the Vacuum Skibidi Urinal is its extremely threatening design. Regardless of whether it is the Alliance members or other Skibidi Toilets, once they are sucked in, they will be slashed into pieces by the circular blades and burned to dust with the gigantic furnace! This nightmarish design of the Skibidi Toilet, along with the extremely bloodthirsty behavior of the toilet dwellers in the recent episode, became more apparent once the Scientist Skibidi Toilet took charge of the Skibidi Toilet army. It can sacrifice its allies without a single thought, as long as the Skibidi Toilets can seize victory. In retrospect, it can be seen that during the leadership of the G-Man Skibidi Toilet, the Skibidi Toilets worked alongside one another in harmony to achieve the upper hand.

Upgrades and Repairs of the Titan Cameraman

As soon as the Titan Cameraman appears on the battlefield, viewers can see that he has a brand-new railgun on his right arm. Avid viewers of the Skibidi Toilet series may recall that in Episode 55, the acidic corrosion from the Skull Dismantler Skibidi Toilet destroyed the original railgun on his arm. In comparison to the previous one, the current railgun is larger and possibly inflicts more damage when used.

In addition, the Titan Cameraman is equipped with an energy shield on his left arm, which enables him to render the missile attack from the Missile Overload Skibidi Toilet. Had he used a traditional metal shield, the acid burst from the missle would have likely damaged both his shield and his arm. Afterwards, thanks to the upgraded jetpack, the Titan Cameraman saves the day once again by transporting the timed bomb left by the defeated Missile Overload Skibidi Toilet to a secure location. This action has saved the lives of the POV-Cameramen and countless other Alliance members that are still on the Cameramen Dropships nearby.

This episode also reintroduces a long-forgotten ability of the Titan Cameraman: the finger gun. First introduced in Episode 23, a blue energy orb can be shot from the tip of the Titan Cameraman’s finger and explode at will. As a call-back to the previous episode, once the Skibidi Toilets see the Titan Cameraman, they stop in their tracks and try to escape, to no avail.

Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in Skibidi Toilet 64

  • Towards the end of the episode, the TV screen that once showed the word “TRAP” now displays the image of DaFuq!?Boom!. This suggests that his role may be more involved in the Skibidi Toilet universe than just being a creator.
  • The Secret Agent makes a brief appearance near the end of Episode 64 but disappears soon after. Whether he simply disappeared or teleported is still open to question.
  • Throughout the episode, the Titan Cameraman makes multiple references to Iron Man. The first reference is the energy shield, which is quite similar in design to Iron Man’s shield in Avengers: Endgame. Additionally, the act of bringing the bomb away from allies resembles the scene in the first Avengers movie, when Iron Man takes the missile through the wormhole to save the city and his allies.

What Could Be Waiting for the Titans in Their Confrontation Against the G-Man Skibidi Toilet?

Despite the defeat of the almighty Buzzsaw Executioner Skibidi Urinal, the G-Man Skibidi Toilet still keeps a smug expression on its face. It is almost certain that the Skibidi Toilets have already devised a complex trap, and the path ahead for the Titans will likely be full of risks. Furthermore, during the confrontation with the Missile Overload Skibidi Toilet, a large TV screen displays the word “TRAP”. There are two possible explanations for this word: either that the Missile Overload Skibidi Toilet still has something dangerous up to its sleeves or that traps have been set for the showdown against the Titans by the G-Man Skibidi Toilet. Nevertheless, as the last episode of Season 21Episode 65 will certainly be full of unexpected plot twists!

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