skibidi toilet 46

skibidi toilet 46 continues the chase between the Titan Cinemaman and the Infected Titan Speakerman! Watch his brave actions and how he once again saves the day for other Cameramen!

skibidi toilet 46

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skibidi toilet 46



May 22nd, 2023



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  • The Alliance: POV-Cameraman, Normal Cameraman, Normal Speakerman, Large Cameraman, Titan Cinemaman
  • The Skibidi Toilets: Jetpack Skibidi Toilet, Vacuum Skibidi Urinal
  • The Infected: Infected Titan Speakerman
  • Humans: Secret Agent


At the beginning of the show, a Jetpack Skibidi Toilet and a Normal Speakerman are locked in battle against one another. An intervention is made by a Large Cameraman, who then throws the Jetpack Skibidi Toilet against a wall, where it explodes. When the POV-Cameraman glances up, he sees the Infected Titan Speakerman running away from the Titan Cinemaman. As the Titan Cameraman appears from the cloud of darkness, all of a sudden, a Vacuum Skibidi Urinal appears in front of him. All members of The Alliance who are in the immediate vicinity are sucked in. It then makes a rush for the Titan Cinemaman, but he is able to avoid its attack and impale its head using the spiked blades that are attached to his back. As he disposes of it successfully, the frustrated version of the "uwu" emoticon appears on his screen. Several Cameramen climb out of the mouth of the Vacuum Skibidi Urinal and give the POV-Cameraman a thumbs up.


  • The Vacuum Skibidi Urinal uses a camera similar to that of The Alliance, so it can see the surroundings while avoiding the light attacks of the Titan Cinemaman. This shows that the Skibidi Toilets utilize all the technologies they can get from their enemies.
  • This episode is the first time we see the TV Men during the day, suggesting that their capabilities may still be effective during the day.
  • The Secret Agent can be seen standing near a motel.
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