skibidi toilet 43

In skibidi toilet 43, the Skibidi Toilets have devised a new way to counter the effects of the TV Man’s beam attack! What will be the outcome of this battle?

skibidi toilet 43

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skibidi toilet 43



June 26th, 2023



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0:31 (Full-Screen)

0:25 (Shorts)

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  1. The Alliance






Observes the situation from afar.

Normal Cameraman


All sit on the flushed toilets while watching the TV Men do their work.

Scientist Cameraman


Sits on the flushed toilet while holding the EPD.

Large Cameraman


Backups in case the TV Men fail to attack the Skibidi Toilets.

Large Speakerman


Normal TV Man


Stand next to the Large TV Man.

Large TV Man


Unleashes a bright white attack at the Skibidi Toilets.

  1. Skibidi Toilets




Glass Skibidi Toilet


Run towards the TV Men.

Large Glass Skibidi Toilet


Giant Glass Skibidi Toilet



The POV-Cameraman turns to the front and sees five Cameramen relaxing on flushed Skibidi Toilets while watching the TV Men demonstrate their strength. After that, he glances across at the TV Men and the Large TV Man as they advance on the enemies. The army of Skibidi Toilets is closing in, but this time they are well-armed to defend themselves from the potentially lethal light. In the previous episode, the Claw Skibidi Toilet took the protective lens of the previous POV-Cameraman and devised their own defense against the dangerous attack. Now, with the newly-made darkened Sunglasses, they are immune to the blinding white light that comes from the Large TV Man.

The TV Men just shrug their shoulders and say "Shit happens" backwards as a playful response after realizing there is nothing they can do about the situation. They vanish into the dark haze, but the Cameramen are left behind. Two of the five Cameramen who were present at the beginning of the fight decide to flee for their lives, while the remaining Cameramen decide to stay and fight alongside an army of Large Speakermen and Large Cameramen. A Glass Skibidi Toilet launches an assault on a Cameraman. The POV-Cameraman then turns his attention to the area where the TV Men were standing, where he sees a horde of Large Cameramen and Large Speakermen approaching to offer assistance to the remaining Cameramen.

The POV-Cameraman is being approached by a Glass Skibidi Toilet, which is repeatedly saying the word "Skibidi." The episode comes to an abrupt close as he places his hands on the head of the toilet just in time to prevent himself from being injured.

Differences between the Full-Screen and Shorts Versions


  • While some of the Skibidi Toilets sing the Skibidi Toilet Anthem, the rest only say "Skibidi-Skibidi."
  • The Speakerman Anthem does not play upon the arrival of the Large Speakermen.


  • The Skibidi Toilet Anthem is played with the Skibidi Toilets singing.
  • When the Large Speakermen arrive, their anthem is played.


  • Episode 39 displays that one of the TV Men has a winking emoticon.
  • A sign that reads 15,000,000 presumably refers to the fact that DaFuq!?Boom! had just reached 15 million subscribers when the episode was broadcast.
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