skibidi toilet 39

skibidi toilet 39 introduces a brand new ally: the Normal TV Man! What untold power will he demonstrate against the Skibidi Toilets?

skibidi toilet 39

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skibidi toilet 39



15th June, 2023 (Full-Screen)

16th June, 2023 (Shorts)



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0:41 (Full-Screen)

0:36 (Shorts)

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  1. The Alliance






Defends himself against the relentless attacks of the Skibidi Toilets.

Normal Cameraman


Both are attacked by the Skibidi Toilets.

Normal TV Man


Assists the Cameramen by making the Skibidi Toilets freeze in fear.

  1. Skibidi Toilets




Normal Skibidi Toilet


  • One gets kicked by the Normal Cameraman.
  • Two assaults the Normal Cameraman.
  • Two engage in a battle with the POV-Cameraman.

Jetpack Skibidi Toilet


Assaults the POV-Cameraman.


On a battleground, it looks as though the Cameramen are making a last-ditch effort to defend themselves against the Skibidi Toilets. One of them can be seen kicking the head of the Skibidi Toilet, while another of them is seen being mauled by two Skibidi Toilets before having his head pulled off by another one. Other Skibidi Toilets may attempt to attack the POV-Cameraman as well, but he is a great fighter and is able to flush them away swiftly until a Jetpack Skibidi Toilet knocks him to the ground. When it was just about to finish off the POV-Cameraman, it became distracted by someone who was off-screen.

When the POV-Cameraman finally turns in the direction in which it was staring, he comes face to face with an unknown ally: a Normal TV Man. After then, the TV Man lets loose with his laser attack, which causes the Skibidi Toilets in the immediate area to be frozen with terror. The remaining Skibidi Toilets are then promptly flushed by the Cameramen. The POV-Cameraman gives the TV Man a thumbs up as the episode comes to a close, and the TV Man replies by displaying the ";)" emoticon on his screen.

Differences between the Full-Screen and Shorts Versions


  • The Skibidi Toilets simply utter "Skibidi-Skibidi" as opposed to singing their Skibidi Toilet Anthem.
  • The debut of TV Man features eerie static sounds.
  • These modifications were likely made to evade copyright violations.


  • Certain Skibidi Toilets perform the Skibidi Toilet Anthem.
  • The debut of TV Man features their ambience.


  • The POV-Cameraman attacks the second Normal Skibidi Toilet with a Plunger before flushing it.
  • In the background, amid the commotion caused by the Skibidi Toilets attacking the Cameramen, there is a broken toilet and two lifeless Cameramen.
  • This is the first episode to be presented in full-screen format, not including the Season 1 remake.
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