skibidi toilet 40

The TV Men further show their unrivaled strength in skibidi toilet 40! Will they be the decisive factor in gaining victory in the battle against the Skibidi Toilets?

skibidi toilet 40

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skibidi toilet 40



June 17th, 2023 (Full-Screen)

June 18th, 2023 (Shorts)



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0:34 (Full-Screen)

0:29 (Shorts)

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  1. The Alliance






A Normal Cameraman who is about to charge into the Skibidi Toilets before being stopped by the TV Man.

Large Speakerman

1 or 2

Attacks the Large Skibidi Toilets.

Normal TV Man


One stops the POV-Cameraman from attacking the Skibidi Toilet, while the other gives him a protective lense.

Large TV Man


Unleashs bright light attack against the Skibidi Toilets.

  1. Skibidi Toilets




Normal Skibidi Toilet


March towards the TV Men.

Large Skibidi Toilet


Normal Flying Skibidi Toilet


Jetpack Skibidi Toilet



The POV-Cameraman takes a look around to locate the bodies of his allies. He goes to pick up the Toilet Plunger that is lying on the ground in order to continue fighting the oncoming hordes of Skibidi Toilets, but he is stopped by a Normal TV Man who signals that he can take care of things by himself. When the POV-Cameraman turns around, he notices a second Normal TV Man and a Large TV Man approaching him from behind. After that, the Normal TV Man hands him a Protective Lens so that he can shield himself from the negative effects of the psychological beam. Shortly after that, the Large TV Man releases a powerful, dazzling white light that causes the Skibidi Toilets to lose control of their bodies and fall to the ground.

Taking advantage of the circumstances, the cameramen flush the Skibidi toilets as soon as they can. When the POV-Cameraman turns around, the Normal TV Man can be seen with the ":ↄ" emoticon shown on his screen.

Differences between the Full-Screen and Shorts Versions


  • The Skibidi Toilets simply utter "Skibidi-Skibidi" as opposed to singing their Skibidi Toilet Anthem.
  • There is a spooky ambience when the TV Men appear.
  • The Normal TV Man says nothing at beginning.
  • Only one Large Speakerman is observed flushing the Medium Skibidi Toilet.


  • While moving around, the Skibidi Toilets sing the Skibidi Toilet Anthem.
  • There is an ambience when the TV Men appear.
  • The Normal TV Man says to the POV-Cameraman in the beginning in reverse, "Do what you're told."
  • After the first Large Speakerman flushed a Medium Skibidi Toilet, a second Large Speakerman is seen strolling in the background.
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