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Skibidi Toilet Shoot Out

Skibidi Toilet Shoot Out

In Skibidi Toilet Shoot Out, players take on the role of a lone Skibidi Toilet as it takes flight and fights against the army of Cameramen. Launch dangerous missiles at the enemies and knock as many of them off as you can!

Playing Skibidi Toilet Shoot Out reminds you of the old-school arcade shooter game, but with the unusual characters from the popular Skibidi Toilet series. The controls are extremely simple, as players can only move and shoot missiles, but it is no easy task to keep the Skibidi Toilet safe from the swarming army of Cameramen. Since the game has no definite end, you will only start over once your character runs out of health. Try to avoid the upcoming attacks from the Cameramen for as long as you can and eliminate the enemies along the way with your powerful missiles!

How To Play

Control the Skibidi Toilet by using the WASD keys. Press the spacebar to make it launch missiles.

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