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Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is an exciting skateboarding game that features a raccoon named Tanuki, who skates indefinitely on the road with synthwave music.

Get ready for the most exciting adventure down the road ever with Tanuki Sunset! Control the raccoon, whose name is Raccoon, as he rides a skateboard on a busy street. Avoid the upcoming cars and obstacles, do crazy things, and perform cool skate tricks to gain additional points—all while listening to upbeat music and admiring the vibrant sunset view!

Tanuki Sunset is the perfect game to play when you want to relax. It features an adorable protagonist with an uncanny talent for skating, absolutely gorgeous graphics, and a list of catchy songs, making every playthrough an enjoyable experience. If you want to score high, try to do as many crazy stunts as possible: corner drifting, almost crashing into cars—you name it! For extra visual feasts, don’t forget to collect the floating tapes on your way!

How To Play

  • Steer the skateboard with the A and D keys, or the left and right keys.
  • Increase the speed with the W or up arrow key.
  • Slow down or do a 180-degree slide with the S or down arrow key.
  • Drift with the spacebar.
  • Pause the game with Esc.
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