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SQUID SKIBIDI is a challenging game that puts players into a red-light-green-light game with Skibidi Toilet as their opponent. Can you reach the finish line?

Put your sharp eyes and quick reflexes to the test with SQUID SKIBIDI! The game is inspired by the iconic Red Light-Green Light game from the Squid Game series, along with the hilariously creepy character Skibidi Toilet. If you wish to survive to the next level, you better be quick on your feet when the light turns green and the gigantic Skibidi Toilet isn’t looking!

The exciting game SQUID SKIBIDI features simple gameplay with even more basic controls. It is up to you, the player, to decide when your character should run and when to halt so that he can progress and finally get past the finish line. Expect increasingly challenging situations as you make your way through the game. And remember: the Skibidi Toilet’s minions will one-shot you if they catch sight of you on the move.

How To Play

  • Drag the mouse forward to make your character run, and release it to stop running.
  • Only run when the light turns green, or you will be shot down!


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