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Skibidi vs Noob & Cameraman

Skibidi vs Noob & Cameraman

Get away from the scary Skibidi Toilet in Skibidi vs Noob & Cameraman! Keep on running and jumping across obstacles to reach the purple portal before the giant Skibidi Toilet can catch you. One thing to note, though: this time, you are not alone! Run with a friend and work together to reach the end of each level!

Skibidi vs Noob & Cameraman is the perfect game to play with a friend! The game features simple but enjoyable gameplay along with characters from popular series. Players progress by running forward and not touching any dangerous-looking obstacles, such as spikes and mini Skibidi Toilets. Thankfully, you can defeat the mini Skibidi Toilets by jumping on their heads. Letting the giant Skibidi Toilet catch either of the players will result in an instant game over, so try your best to reach the end portal along with your friend!

How To Play

  • Player 1: Move around with the WASD keys.
  • Player 2: Move around with the arrow keys.
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