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Skibidi Train Ninja

Get ready for the most challenging game you have ever played with Skibidi Train Ninja! This time, you will have to take control of not just one, but two and more Skibidi Toilets, which are moving constantly on a track filled with gaps that can lead them straight to their doom! Try your best to keep every single one of them moving on track!

Skibidi Train Ninja features simple controls, yet it is by no means easy if you want to get the best score! The goal of this is to keep the Skibidi Toilets moving on the platform and avoid their early demise from falling off screen. To do that, players need to navigate each of them to determine when to jump. You can choose from one of the four modes of difficulty: easy, normal, hard, or madness. In easy mode, players will only need to take care of two Skibidi Toilet, while in madness mode, the number goes up to five!

How To Play

Click on different parts of the screen to make the Skibidi Toilet jump.

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