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Skibidi Toilet Wars

Skibidi Toilet Wars

Begin your quest for space dominance with Skibidi Toilet Wars, a thrilling shooter game featuring two Skibidi Toilets fighting for survival while floating in space. And we all know how hard it is to move around in a place with zero gravity. Expect the Skibidi Toilets to float aimlessly in space while trying to shoot down one another with laser guns! Do you have what it takes to be the last one to survive?

Skibidi Toilet Wars features simple 8-bit graphics reminiscent of old arcade games, along with simple and intuitive control. Players can easily change the shooting direction of the Skibidi Toilet, but the fact that it keeps moving aimlessly makes aiming a lot more difficult. Both your Skibidi Toilet and the opponent can sustain three hits in total, so try your best to shoot it down as fast as you can!

How To Play

While you can’t control the moving direction of your character, you can control the shooting direction by dragging the left mouse button. Good luck!

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