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Skibidi Toilet vs Cameramans

Skibidi Toilet vs Cameramans is a cool game that you can enjoy either on your own or with a friend. Your mission? None other than to eliminate toilet enemies in each level. Hunt down all those pesky toilet enemies and collect items along the way.

The game screen is divided into two, with the red cameraman on one side and the blue cameraman on the opposite side. Whether you choose to team up with your friend or tackle the challenge solo is up to you. Just remember, you can only eliminate the monsters that belong to you. The blue cameraman can take down the blue toilet monsters, while the red cameraman can only eliminate the red toilet monsters. So, whether you're working in tandem with your friend or going it alone, make sure to focus on eliminating the toilet monsters of your own color. They're lurking everywhere, after all.

How To Play

Game Controls:

  • Red Cameraman: Use WASD keys 
  • Blue Cameraman: Use Arrow Keys

If you need to switch between players, simply click on the switch button on the screen. It's as easy as that!

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