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Skibidi Toilet Survival

Challenge your quick reflexes with Skibidi Toilet Survival! Run when the giant Skibidi Toilet is not looking and be the first to reach the finish line!

Skibidi Toilet Survival pits you against the creepy Skibidi Toilets, but this time, you can’t do anything but follow what they ask you to do. If you want to stay alive, you better run fast when the Skibidi Toilet is turning his back on you and stop immediately when he looks at you. Try your best to reach the finish line safely and progress to the next level!

Skibidi Toilet Survival is a thrilling arcade game inspired by the titular character, and the gameplay is similar to the Red Light-Green Light game from the popular series Squid Game. As the player, it is your role to tell your character when to run and when to stop, so he can advance and ultimately become the winner. As you progress, expect to face even more difficulty, and remember that the Skibidi Toilet will one-shot you if he sees you moving!

How To Play

  • Hold the mouse button to make your character run, and release it to stop running.

Don’t let the giant Skibidi Toilet see you run!


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