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Skibidi Toilet Soccer

Skibidi Toilet Soccer is an engaging goalkeeper training game. Take control of Skibidi Toilet, who now plays as a goalkeeper, and slide to catch the penalty kicks. Your goal is to protect your net by stopping as many incoming balls as possible.

However, there's a twist! Watch out for bottles launched by the computer. You must do your best to avoid them. If a bottle hits you, it's game over, and you'll have to start again. It can be challenging because your instinct might make you think it's the ball, prompting you to try catching it. Don't let the game fool you - stay focused! During the game, collect the coins that appear. Each time you catch a ball, you'll earn 10 points. Enjoy this soccer game and become a Skibidi Toilet soccer goalkeeper superstar!

How To Play

  • The computer will launch penalty kicks.
  • Use your mouse to control Skibidi Toilet's movement around the soccer goal.
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