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Skibidi Toilet Smash

Skibidi Toilet Smash

Are you confident in your timing skills? Try out Skibidi Toilet Smash and put your skills to the test! Direct the Skibidi Toilet as he descends to the ground by smashing all the tiles that pile up like a tower. Try your best to break as many tiles in a row as possible to gain a strong superpower for your character!

Skibidi Toilet Smash features simple and addictive gameplay, along with the satisfying feeling of breaking things. Players control the Skibidi Toilet and let him jump down and break any tiles he comes into contact with, but he cannot break the black side of the tile. If you break enough tiles in a row, you will become invincible for a limited time and can break any tile regardless of its color!

How To Play

Click and hold the left mouse button to make the character break the tiles below. The longer you hold it, the more tiles your character breaks. Take care not to break the black tiles and reach the ground as fast as you can!

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