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Skibidi Toilet Shooter

Skibidi Toilet Shooter

Skibidi Toilet Shooter puts you in a lone survival battle against the Skibidi Toilets with only a gun in hand. Set in first-person perspective, players are trapped inside a maze with nobody else but the Skibidi Toilets roaming around. To make matters worse, one touch from them will result in an instant “game over”! With your guns, how long can you survive in this place?

Skibidi Toilet Shooter introduces players to an addictive and exciting game full of enemies at every twist and turn. Based on the popular YouTube series of the same name, the game features fearsome toilet dwellers as they roam around the closed maze. Take aim and shoot them down with your special gun loaded with bowling ball-like bullets! Most importantly, be vigilant and don’t let them creep behind you if you want to get the best high scores!

How To Play

Move around with the arrow keys and launch the bowling ball bullets with the spacebar. Try your best to stay alive for as long as you can!

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