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Skibidi Toilet Rush

Skibidi Toilet Rush

Skibidi Toilet Rush is a fun adventure game with gameplay similar to that of classic platformer games. Embark on your own journey as the Skibidi Toilet!

Begin your own adventure and cross numerous exciting obstacles in Skibidi Toilet Rush! In this game, you will play as Skibidi Toilet as he begins his quest to travel far and wide inside this world. Jump through obstacles, avoid cameras, and defeat enemies by jumping on their heads! Can you reach the finish line in one piece?

Skibidi Toilet Rush is an enjoyable platform game with gameplay reminiscent of the early Mario games. The game features classic 2D side-scrolling platforms, patrolling enemies, and the ability to defeat them by stepping on their heads. As the Skibidi Toilet, players can move around and double jump to reach other platforms. Players begin the game with two lives, and each time they touch the enemies, they lose one life, and it’s "game over" for them if all lives run out! Players can avoid colliding with enemies by jumping past them, or exterminate them by jumping on them (with the exception of the camera). Try to reach the finish line before time runs out!

How To Play

  • Control the Skibidi Toilet using the arrow keys.
  • To double-jump, press the up arrow key twice.


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