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Skibidi Toilet Mayhem

Skibidi Toilet Mayhem

Skibidi Toilet Mayhem is an awesome first-person shooting game that takes place in a virtual city. Skibidi Toilet has caused big problems in the city, creating chaos and spreading a strange virus. Your mission is to assist in bringing the city back to its original beauty.

Players are equipped with powerful weapons and skills to take on waves of mischievous Skibidi Toilets that have created chaos in the city. While exploring intricate city environments, players should practice accurate shooting, quick dodging, and smart decision-making. The city's future depends on them – they must stop the Skibidi Toilet threat and prevent the virus from spreading. Finish all 10 levels of the game to give the city a good scrubbing and make it sparkle again, while having a blast solving puzzles and tackling challenges!

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How To Play

  • Arrow / WASD to move
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Right mouse button to Zoom
  • Scroll to change weapon
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