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Skibidi Toilet Bowling

Skibidi Toilet Bowling

This time, in Skibidi Toilet Bowling, our Skibidi takes on the role of a bowling ball, striving its best to knock down all the pins. Let's see how many strikes you can get!

This game is pure bowling, giving you the opportunity to become a real deal bowler. The only difference is that what you throw is a peculiar toilet that sprouts a head! LOL! Skibidi Toilet Bowling features endless levels. Once you complete one level, it automatically moves you to the next. Each level presents a different shape of playing surface known as a lane. These lanes can be in various shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, the figure eight, and many more. This is a significant departure from traditional bowling games. Can you imagine throwing a bowling ball on an eight-shaped lane? Come on, that's going to be a great challenge!

Click on the screen, and a guiding line will appear. This line plays an important role in assisting you in defining the direction of your ball. Try to make the line cross over as many pins as possible, as each pin that the line crosses will definitely be knocked down. Worried that you won't be able to knock down all the pins in one strike? Don't fret! Skibidi Toilet Bowling allows you to continue playing until all the pins are knocked down. That means you can keep playing until you complete the level without worrying about losing, restarting the game, or facing penalties. How great is that?

One thing to note is that the pins have two red lines on them, indicating that the pin is still active. You must knock them down until the lines turn from red to gray. Otherwise, even if you've thrown the ball right at the pin and it has fallen on the lane, you still haven't completed the level. Good luck to you all!

How To Play

Mouse click or tap to play

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